Quote Paul 3, Year of Yeshua Fire, 2018

The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.”

Sven Goran Eriksson


What i keep telling people all the time…

Hear it from Steve Harvey, maybe more folk will ‘listen’! 😀

People claim they want to see an Entrepreneur in the making, when it first started…

Which is a load of BS!

People want to see the ones that are popular!

The stories on the popular Entrepreneur’s!

AFTER! They have become popular!

Write your own damn story!

Like a pic portfolio, a scrapbook of all the things and ways you tried this and that! The people you met, etc!

Write your story like you are Elon Musk TODAY!

It’s what we call a ‘winning’ attitude!

Those with this attitude make it many more times than those who do not!

(Plus! Gonna tell you now! You gonna NEED to be your own publicist! Your own coach, your own motivation! Especially when things get rough, when and if despair hits ya!)

No one wants to actually follow someone through the shame, the ridicule, the laughed at moments!

(For some think ya whining? Just cause they follow an abusive pattern (keep it all inside!) doesn’t mean that is the way it should be done!)

I read up on successful folk, businesses, etc…, UNTIL! I keep reading and finding the same advice over and over and finally decided to just do it! (Nike not intended)…

Believe in yourself!

Believe in yourself!

Trust yourself!

You CAN do it!


Found out that me and the ‘successful’ ones i admire (like the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad), that we have a lot in common, except they had more arrogance than me!

More narcissism!

They were more of an *sshole than me! 😀

They stuck to a routine/principles more than i!

In other words, i was/am too nice!? What?

Take what you will from it and discard the rest!

For when we strike that formula! (YES!)

Realized that the world is full of cowards…bullies on the internet! Is a great example!

Grammar nazi’s! And people who mock my grammar/spelling!

Tis why in video, spelling is NOT an issue! Neither is punctuation as much!


There though, the really polished ones make me sick! No matter what they are actually saying! The ‘sell’ for me is being real! (and i like charm despite it!) 🙂

and Steve Harvey is charming for sure, like most snakes are!

For the grin will stay till he gets where he wants!

Lord! May most of my smiles be real!

Not gonna kiss Trump’s behind (white man $$) to get there like Steve and Oprah!

i rather stay poor! For i do not want so called ‘riches’ without You! Holy Spirit!



To get it all without losing my principles! To be even closer to the Lord then (for i know i will need it more!)

I believe what You have shown me Lord!

For we will be there one day, in Yeshua’s holy name! Amen!


Come Worship With Us!

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via Come Worship With Us! — Romans 8:12

(very important info in link above!)

Successful People Explain Why a College Degree is USELESS

why it is useless today…

why people with degrees are NOT being hired!

Especially when the employer is someone who also got there WITHOUT a college degree?

College…todays education, trains you to work for someone else, they/it/ modern education does not teach you how to take what you learned (in the textbooks) and use it for yourself!

It has ALWAYS been this way!


It does not mean, do not go to college…it just means, ‘keep that in mind!’

Most of those who teach are those who didn’t want to, do not love it, did it for the ‘tenor’, the ‘stability, the known!

So many do not know how to teach and the administrators (plus ignorant parents) helped to run out anyone who could not be controlled!

So there are very few ‘good’ teachers left…

the same with lawyers and doctors…

a ‘good’ lawyer by the standards of Christ…how did such make it through law school and the board?

Let alone surviving in the courts!

Tis why my lawyer-ly skills come in handed with the Law of Love (Elohim) 🙂

Who would have ever guessed?

That i would need to CREATE a job for myself?

Yeah! That is what i could have told me, back in the day!

Create a job, for yourself!

Would’ve took care of a lot, in just a few words…

it is something i will/am saying to all of you!


What would it be like?

What would you be doing?

Envision it and then MAKE IT SO! :-d

(Star Trek joke!) 🙂

If you can see it, you can believe it…

you can then make it a reality!

Help yourself envision it!


Keep Hope Alive!

(a Jesse Jackson reference) 🙂

Keep Yeshua alive, in your heart!

In Yeshua’s holy name…

Amen. 😀


How School Makes Kids Less Intelligent | Eddy Zhong |

How schooling makes EVERYONE less intelligent! Regular schooling, instead of those geared to cultivate, encourage original thought!

and! Yes, children today can start businesses, legal ones and be successful…even without middle class parents to help them out (for there are other ways!)

This helps me to keep in mind, to focus and to explore!

If i could go back and tell myself to explore other ways to make money, besides having a job…that you can draw! (for instance), to NOT give up dreaming and making it reality (not romantic relationships love!) 🙂 and…and…

i realize that much of what i went through is why it is so difficult for anyone to stop me now…

so what could  i actually say to myself then?

i pray for those like myself now!

For people to not stop believing, if one is having trouble maintaining focus or motivation…focus on motivating yourself!

For that is a MAJOR key to success!

What YOU believe and think about everyday…

determines where you will go…

where you will be and…

Who you are….

is what you do…

do that in which you enjoy 😀

You will thank yourself for that later…:-)

Confidence is a thing to practice…

just like faith…

May the Holy Spirit give you confidence!

(grow it like a fruit tree!)

In Yeshua’s holy name, amen! 😀