How School Makes Kids Less Intelligent | Eddy Zhong |

How schooling makes EVERYONE less intelligent! Regular schooling, instead of those geared to cultivate, encourage original thought!

and! Yes, children today can start businesses, legal ones and be successful…even without middle class parents to help them out (for there are other ways!)

This helps me to keep in mind, to focus and to explore!

If i could go back and tell myself to explore other ways to make money, besides having a job…that you can draw! (for instance), to NOT give up dreaming and making it reality (not romantic relationships love!) ๐Ÿ™‚ and…and…

i realize that much of what i went through is why it is so difficult for anyone to stop me now…

so what couldย  i actually say to myself then?

i pray for those like myself now!

For people to not stop believing, if one is having trouble maintaining focus or motivation…focus on motivating yourself!

For that is a MAJOR key to success!

What YOU believe and think about everyday…

determines where you will go…

where you will be and…

Who you are….

is what you do…

do that in which you enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€

You will thank yourself for that later…:-)

Confidence is a thing to practice…

just like faith…

May the Holy Spirit give you confidence!

(grow it like a fruit tree!)

In Yeshua’s holy name, amen! ๐Ÿ˜€



50 Entrepreneurs


is like 50 monkeys jumping on a bed, one falls off and…:-)

Point being:

Which Entrepreneur do YOU agree with?

Is most likely the one YOU are like!

If you are not sure…

Its imperative that whatever you choose to do, that you enjoy it so well, that you will do it REGARDLESS of what comes your way.

There are a few in the video who do not MENTION that…

And i label them BUSINESS PEOPLE!

NOT Entrepreneur’s!

See if you can spot the difference! ๐Ÿ˜€

(This video is added to Job 22:25’s playlist called Advice?) ๐Ÿ˜€

For take any and every advice with care…

Many have re-invented the wheel and made some really awesome stuff with it (look atย ยย as a FANTASTIC example!) and then there are those who thought it was a ‘re-invention of the wheel’, yet SO NOT! (To me Foursquare is a great example of that! (for i heardย about Foursquare, how it was being used, and i thought it was AMAZING…would have went nowhere near Foursquare without THAT intro (haven’t till today anyway, just for the link, for i do not have THAT many friends and the Starbucks app! (learned about this through another app that talks about popular apps…where is that at by the way? Somewhere on my phone…found it!ย Product Hunt!ย (remembered it is on my phone how? Psalm 112:7 again! ๐Ÿ™‚ Product Hunt is one of the profiles Psalm 112:7 follows on Twitter!)

Point is, with Product Hunt found out that the Starbucks app is a great way to pay your friends back! (for i would prefer 4 frappaccino’s verses $20! :-D) and if my best friends knew that?! and showed their love for me like THAT! :_D (they would go down in history as a friend for life! (well one who really knew me, anyway!):-D just the $20 added to my Starbucks account would be heaven! A quick delivery/order, pick up, etc! And the app had something about stars??? Which you need to have all your ‘followers’ to help you get the ‘free’ item (or was it a discount?)…

Anywayz! ๐Ÿ˜€

Those are TWO examples of what people may have thought to be the regular same ole’ stuff, yet were not!

Then there are those who make something nowhere near what others do (for the public an example of that would be Facebook) for there were others like it on college campuses, it became so popular, we non-college attendees got to use it too! (a version was made for the general public) and i guess some spoke about Myspace in comparison, which is laughable, because it was already dead and so different the two were and still are!

I went nowhere near fb…i was dragged there reluctantly because of my uncommunicative son…so i have maybe 2 or 3 other aborted profiles on fb…

I decided to stay on fb the last time (years ago) due to the surprising number of friends i found through gaming (to me, a big keyย to FB’s success (that many do not speak of much!) and thru LIVE participation in a game i use to play called Castle???? something, it has dragons in it, and is a major reason i stopped playing it too! (back then i didn’t like how they treated the poor dragons (for i was a fan of Dragon Riders, etc back then) as a Christian, i didn’t like it for obvious reasons…yet i still get nostalgic over the ‘friends’ i had.

All of this points to what Zuckerberg and many of the other Entrepreneurs say in the video:

STICK TO YOUR GUNS!ย  No matter what!

I’ll elaborate on what they said, with…

If you find yourself doing something that you want to stop doing?

Then you just haven’t found the right one yet ๐Ÿ˜€


AT&T Time Warner Merger Blocked

via Time Warner shares drop on report DOJ may sue to block AT&T deal – Nov. 2, 2017

At&T is a VERY evil company- (check out BBB’s reports from consumers on At&t’s attitude towards its customers (back like before or during the Cingular ‘merger’)

At&t is well known for ‘merging’ with every phone company they could get their hands on and the company disappeared or remained after At&t left, either way later At&t would offer THAT SAME EXACT SERVICE thru itself!

I label them evil for their known tactic with consumers.

For At&t ALWAYS jacks up the price on WHATEVER they offer, lower it to cut the competition and lure in victims, then raise the prices REALLY HIGH WITHOUT improving on service!

Service is usually always poor or average (no different than anyone else), yet the price for it is major high.

When At&t ‘merged’ with Cingular (which no longer exists by the way), i had the opportunity to hear first hand, At&t’s duplicity/evilness, thru a conversation from my Uncle to the new At&t controlled Cingular.

My Uncle was smart enough to retain his ORIGINAL cell phone contract with Cingular, at the time a couple of years old. At&t had raised the price on his monthly phone bill and he was arguing on the phone that his contract spelled otherwise. The argument continued for at least 30 minutes, till my Uncle repeated that HE HAD HIS ORIGINAL CONTRACT in front of him at that very moment and had already verified his complaint BEFORE even contacting them!

Many people are on automatic payments, may not really notice or believe that they could get a refund!

You have power as a consumer! Especially if you have been a regular on time customer!

At&t was FORCED to stop its monopoly of the phone business BEFORE cell phones became popular for everyone! And they were hated then by many of At&t’s customers.

At&t has finally ‘merged’ with the last known cell company, Verizon (i guess Sprint was skipped entirely?) and they seem to have FINALLY merged with a company MUCH like them!

For Verizon is known for having the best reception in the boondocks (way out in the middle of nowhere), yet enormously HIGH priced.

I see the commercials for the ‘new’ merger between the two and they are very good! ๐Ÿ™‚ Then the Google Pixel 2?


Those three together? Google, Verizon and At&t?

A marriage (merger) made in heaven!

Its a time to mourn for the rest of us, the consumer.

For At&t took over the iphone service (their way of ‘merging’ with Apple) and complaints about the iphone’s service were (probably still are!) at an all time high…

For Steve Jobs may have been the stereotypical genius (monster) with those he worked with, Steve Jobs KNEW how to keep his consumers happy though. Tis why Apple is doomed without him.

Have you noticed a drain of geniuses today?

TRUE innovation?

The kind where even years later people are STILL saying wow?

There are VERY FEW left!

and i believe Steve Jobs was murdered…by idiots who believe he was no longer needed.

I do not have to like the man (in fact i may have learned to hate him too, yet i would have still admired his genius and would never be envious enough of ANYONE to kill them), or a woman, i would have respect for them.

Steve Jobs was wrong for treating his folks unwell, yet i have experienced Apple ‘snobs’ personally at the Chicago Store…so…

and having ideas no one else has around me has, i understand!

I choose to learn, in Christ how not to be arrogant/mean…yet also in Christ?

I’m learning that i can try to bend over backwards to help change folks thinking or i can get things done.

For i’m learning in Christ to stop caring what others think of me…and it may get me killed, like Steve Jobs and Prince….yet why?

Out of envy.

Out of never being able to be any where near their way of thinking (for Prince was not easy to work with either) and the only thing a person like that can think of (the envious, bitter ones) is to get them back in some kind of way…and to finally understand that there is no such way…except death?

Like Cain was envious of Abel.

In Christ, even death will not stop us! ๐Ÿ˜€

Remember that things of Yeshua remain, all else will be forgotten.

That an evil/wicked thought or deed (action) will always get itself in the end (evil/wickedness).

For those who hate the righteous?

Elohim strengthens us with every hater (tomato/egg/tp thrown, every mocker, etc) and Yeshua fights for us! Our Advocate, Our Lawyer ๐Ÿ™‚

Those who do not choose Yeshua, will not have such (strength) before the Father, Elohim.

The Spirit of Yeshua sees everything and will remember everything…once forgiven though, that is forgotten.

He sees us with love.

We are NOT WORTHLESS (without merit…for i saw the definition of unworthy in the back of my bible the other day, so hopefully more on that subject soon!)

In Yeshua’s name,



Quote 10/26/17

โ€œWhat a terrible mistake to let go of something wonderful for something real.โ€

โ€”ย Miranda July


<It even took a moment…then it hit me HARD! BECAUSE! THIS is what people say ALL the time!!!! They stick with the what you know…the boring, the reliable! The EXCUSE for NOT following what is in one’s heart!>

<Yet Lord! Even though i am CURRENTLY getting revelations about mockers/hypocrisy, about BEING HONEST with one’s spirit!…We are ALSO told that YOU do NOT like DIVORCE! SO! This begs the question of which do YOU dislike MORE! The lukewarm! the PRETENDERS! The FAKERS! Those DISHONEST with their HEARTS! Their desires, their wants vs…oh my goodness! The spirit of the thing actually IS MORE important! Because one KILLS/alienates You, Your presence and the other? Then some sins would actually BE worse than others! If any of this is…>

<Its the difference between doing wrong and not caring, or actually ENJOYING it, verses NOT enjoying it and it bothers you so bad! It can grow and grow! Till you want relief from regret so badly! Because SOME PEOPLE, keep trying to SILENCE that voice, that makes you feel bad about something…some people do not have that voice at all (psychopaths)>

<Wow! Just wow.>

<In relation to jobs, work, employment, business…all THIS becomes obvious! Especially in the so called-Western Civilizations (societies, cultures)>

<A TRUE Entrepreneur ALREADY KNOWS THIS! For its this very ingredient that makes one an Entrepreneur! Wow! Its what makes a SUCCESSFUL Entrepreneur, for when one purses ones heart <when it makes no sense! :-)>, defies logic, one finds FREEDOM there! And those who ENJOY THAT, MORE than anything else, WILL BE SUCCESSFUL! Cause 1. You will NEVER STOP! and 2. This alone will bring you JOY! and who is happy today?>

<It is difficult for me to CRUSH my OWN spirit! Always has been! Others have always negated me in some way, i will admit, that i was encouraged more in the ways of Elohim <Allah> than anything else. For my mother has the Gift and Fruit of Faith, and i am just now learning to appreciate that. For i cannot imagine growing up with parents who DID NOT believe in One God, who would have been Atheists, for example…

I’ve even come to appreciate those who CLAIM to believe, yet do not TRULY act as if they do. <Tired of living like my faith ain’t strong enough/tired of being afraid of whats coming around the corner-JMoss>

For it is one thing to be afraid to act on the belief you claim…its another to claim a belief you know that you do not believe in.