5 minute Productivity hacks to Beat Procrastination, Boost Energy and Regain Focus


Love the 1st one!

The others can jump in the river! ūüėÄ

How does one EAT in 5 minutes?

If what Elon is doing is actually like #1…THAT I understand!

For I can change gears that fast only if I have ALREADY set things up, like stations…

Which is something I am working on! ūüėÄ

For I’m more inclined to do it (for 5 min), when it is laid out before me!

Putting up current, most ‘requested’ projects…urgency, need…prioritize…

Elon Musk has an organization underneath this 5 minute thing, I’m not hearing about.


An already established routine goes by faster, with use…For it becomes AUTOMATIC…

ELON is operating with this auto pilot training already practiced.

Maybe those with multiple projects across fields NEED this kind of organization…

For I’m discovering something similar to this, only now, at 47!

The Holy Spirit gets ALL the credit for it! ūüėÄ

Hallelujah! ūüėÄ

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4 Keys to Having More Freedom in Your Business

The more team members understand why your company does tasks, the more freedom you will have.

We need to slow our lifestyle expenses down and leave room for retained earnings. Setting a paycheck that is attainable even in slow periods will insure freedom.

Keeping freedom of choice and freedom of time prioritized above large paychecks will lead to greater finances in the long run. Make sure to keep personal debt low or non-existent, and that will aid you in your quest for freedom.  

often the solution that we come to is to prioritize the small, meaningless tasks that feel urgent.
It sounds strange, but to gain freedom, we need to be disciplined. Lack of discipline in any of these areas will lead to a lack of freedom sooner or later. True freedom happens through choosing a temporary lack of freedom today for more tomorrow. Choose now, or have the choice taken from you through consequence.
(Sounds familiar eh? ūüôā For this IS what Christ does, when we obey Him (and that obedience is 1 Corinthians 13:4-8)(we gain MORE freedom by giving up what WE want, for what Christ wants…HOW He wants us to conduct ourselves and in HIS timing (patience is LEARNED, the more we Trust the Holy Spirit/Elohim/Yeshua (Jesus) to control¬†us, instead of us ‘handling it ourselves’.


The 3 Stages of Powerful But Simple Leadership

January 12, 2016

We all know simplicity when we see it, and we recognize its value — especially in the world of design. But that doesn‚Äôt make simplicity an easy thing to pull off.
Just as it’s tough to achieve elegant simplicity in design, the written word or other creative pursuits, it’s tough to achieve simplicity in leadership — a talent which eludes many of us.

It‚Äôs easy to be complicated but a lot harder being simple enough to get a whole room to just get it.
ask creative professionals worth their salt, and they‚Äôll acknowledge the difficulty of keeping things uncomplicated. The same goes for your own leadership tactics. Lean into that Stage 3 mentality and accept that clarity requires significant effort.

recognize that to create your own best practices for simplicity in leadership, you have to set aside the time to think about it on your own. 

don‚Äôt just be hyper-observant, drinking in the examples of great leadership you see in the world around you. Be hyper-willing to disrupt the norm and create your own best practices for simplicity in leadership. It‚Äôs an art, and something you must practice…


Why Every Leader Needs Mental Toughness


when we see leaders who display an above-average mindset, coupled with strong will and the ability to transcend insurmountable odds, we refer to that remarkable cadre of skills as as mental toughness.

Mental toughness has been described as the¬†‚Äúability to work hard and respond resiliently to failure and adversity —¬†the inner quality that enables individuals to work hard and stick to their long-term passions and goals.”

Steve Siebold, mental toughness expert and author of 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class, teaches that a person of average intelligence and modest means can become world class by implementing the thinking, habits and philosophies associated with this principle. Vince Lombardi believed that mental toughness was one of the most important leadership skills you could attain.

If you’re a leader¬†and want to become more effective,¬†know this: Mental¬†toughness is¬†a fundamental¬†skill set, and the magnitude of your success depends on it.

1. It creates a winning mindset.  

Thinking is the primary filter for every experience that you have. Mediocre thinking promotes an equally low standard of performance and results. A winning mindset (i.e. the thinking, habits and philosophies of elite performers) however, transforms the landscape. It unlocks the unlimited potential to create, influence and generate outcomes that activate success.

the real key to excellence in both sports and business is not the ability to swim fast or do quantitative analyses quickly in your head. Rather, it is [mindset] mental toughness.”

Make no mistake: Leadership success depends on the¬†non-negotiable¬†ability to seize¬†a profoundly powerful mindset —¬†the mindset of a¬†champion.


Leadership is not fundamentally focused on winning and celebrating success. Leaders know that tough times come with the territory. Delving deeply into the trenches, grappling with hardships and doing whatever it takes to succeed is par for the course. They welcome obstacles and uncertainty for their potential to make them smarter, more agile and resilient.

Psychologist Angela Duckworth refers to the ability to thrive during adversity as grit. Her research has demonstrated that it’s a true predictor of success, even more than cognitive and technical skill sets.

One of the exceptional¬†hallmarks of¬†mental toughness is that it helps¬†leaders to reach for their “why.”¬†This is especially¬†important¬†during difficult times —¬†when¬†commitment may wax and wane. The internal drive¬†to achieve¬†goals despite¬†setbacks is what distinguishes the world class¬†from average performers.

3. It provides the courage to challenge the status quo. 

(booyah! :-D)

innovation. Elementary¬†to the exercise of¬†leadership, they signal forward movement and progress, rather than a wanton¬†commitment to archaic principles and practices of the past. ¬†(the way Christianity/Church has been….traditionally, EXPECTED…)¬†…the¬†whole premise of mental toughness is built on¬†the willingness¬†to face¬†fear, take action and thrive in the midst¬†of adversity, courage is a leadership imperative. It would be difficult, perhaps even impossible to lead without the¬†willingness to encounter turbulence¬†and face the unknown.

Courage allows leaders to flourish¬†in environments that constantly change. It also emboldens them to¬†take on¬†new opportunities for learning and growth. A catalyst for¬†healthy self-esteem, it also helps leaders to¬†effectively¬†navigate stress, conflict and crises. Simply put: Mental toughness is an unmatched mechanism for growth. (because it is something one CAN LEARN (in Christ we call it FAITH and TRUST¬†in the Lord…qualities that are acquired by EXPERIENCE…experience is only acquired by ‘stepping out on faith’, risking oneself for Christ…by Standing Up for truth, honesty and love (1 Corinthians 13:4-8) )