How School Makes Kids Less Intelligent | Eddy Zhong |

How schooling makes EVERYONE less intelligent! Regular schooling, instead of those geared to cultivate, encourage original thought!

and! Yes, children today can start businesses, legal ones and be successful…even without middle class parents to help them out (for there are other ways!)

This helps me to keep in mind, to focus and to explore!

If i could go back and tell myself to explore other ways to make money, besides having a job…that you can draw! (for instance), to NOT give up dreaming and making it reality (not romantic relationships love!) 🙂 and…and…

i realize that much of what i went through is why it is so difficult for anyone to stop me now…

so what could  i actually say to myself then?

i pray for those like myself now!

For people to not stop believing, if one is having trouble maintaining focus or motivation…focus on motivating yourself!

For that is a MAJOR key to success!

What YOU believe and think about everyday…

determines where you will go…

where you will be and…

Who you are….

is what you do…

do that in which you enjoy 😀

You will thank yourself for that later…:-)

Confidence is a thing to practice…

just like faith…

May the Holy Spirit give you confidence!

(grow it like a fruit tree!)

In Yeshua’s holy name, amen! 😀



50 Entrepreneurs


is like 50 monkeys jumping on a bed, one falls off and…:-)

Point being:

Which Entrepreneur do YOU agree with?

Is most likely the one YOU are like!

If you are not sure…

Its imperative that whatever you choose to do, that you enjoy it so well, that you will do it REGARDLESS of what comes your way.

There are a few in the video who do not MENTION that…

And i label them BUSINESS PEOPLE!

NOT Entrepreneur’s!

See if you can spot the difference! 😀

(This video is added to Job 22:25’s playlist called Advice?) 😀

For take any and every advice with care…

Many have re-invented the wheel and made some really awesome stuff with it (look at as a FANTASTIC example!) and then there are those who thought it was a ‘re-invention of the wheel’, yet SO NOT! (To me Foursquare is a great example of that! (for i heard about Foursquare, how it was being used, and i thought it was AMAZING…would have went nowhere near Foursquare without THAT intro (haven’t till today anyway, just for the link, for i do not have THAT many friends and the Starbucks app! (learned about this through another app that talks about popular apps…where is that at by the way? Somewhere on my phone…found it! Product Hunt! (remembered it is on my phone how? Psalm 112:7 again! 🙂 Product Hunt is one of the profiles Psalm 112:7 follows on Twitter!)

Point is, with Product Hunt found out that the Starbucks app is a great way to pay your friends back! (for i would prefer 4 frappaccino’s verses $20! :-D) and if my best friends knew that?! and showed their love for me like THAT! :_D (they would go down in history as a friend for life! (well one who really knew me, anyway!):-D just the $20 added to my Starbucks account would be heaven! A quick delivery/order, pick up, etc! And the app had something about stars??? Which you need to have all your ‘followers’ to help you get the ‘free’ item (or was it a discount?)…

Anywayz! 😀

Those are TWO examples of what people may have thought to be the regular same ole’ stuff, yet were not!

Then there are those who make something nowhere near what others do (for the public an example of that would be Facebook) for there were others like it on college campuses, it became so popular, we non-college attendees got to use it too! (a version was made for the general public) and i guess some spoke about Myspace in comparison, which is laughable, because it was already dead and so different the two were and still are!

I went nowhere near fb…i was dragged there reluctantly because of my uncommunicative son…so i have maybe 2 or 3 other aborted profiles on fb…

I decided to stay on fb the last time (years ago) due to the surprising number of friends i found through gaming (to me, a big key to FB’s success (that many do not speak of much!) and thru LIVE participation in a game i use to play called Castle???? something, it has dragons in it, and is a major reason i stopped playing it too! (back then i didn’t like how they treated the poor dragons (for i was a fan of Dragon Riders, etc back then) as a Christian, i didn’t like it for obvious reasons…yet i still get nostalgic over the ‘friends’ i had.

All of this points to what Zuckerberg and many of the other Entrepreneurs say in the video:

STICK TO YOUR GUNS!  No matter what!

I’ll elaborate on what they said, with…

If you find yourself doing something that you want to stop doing?

Then you just haven’t found the right one yet 😀


What Are Digital Adoption Platforms?

(This video explains what digital platforms are with 2 words that i do understand!) 🙂


(Pay attention to the browser needed and do i really WANT to copy code to…???) 🙂


Increase productivity with a design-first approach. Start projects by defining the API spec with collaborative tooling and solicit early feedback with a mocking service. Once validated, implement APIs with pre-built integration components. Transform data graphically, ensure quality by composing inline tests, and democratize access with auto-generated portals.

(none of these products are recommended (just sharing info, what i find during my search)

These videos can be found via Job 22:25 Entrepreneurial Ministry’s YouTube Playlist called: Business/Financial Tech

(Keep an ear open for trends, DO NOT JUMP on them! RESEARCH THEM (through more than just hearsay)…for a person who joins in unawares, can be stampeded off a cliff as well! Job 22:25)

Know enough to not be fooled and some things are only learned through experience, make choices based on knowledge and experience and not just ‘trends’ or ‘gossip’, for there is MUCH pressure to join in or you-will-miss-out…’things’ out there…

Stand strong (steadfast) in the belief in the Lord, the vision He has placed in your heart, HIS guidance over ANYONE else’s opinion (educated, successful or not) and you will be qualified at the right time, in Yeshua’s name, amen!) 😀


The Founder

the founder 1

A MUST SEE for EVERY Entreprenuer out there!

This ‘founder’ is the Bill Gates type. The ones who know how to market and produce the ‘hell’ INTO something.

For the key is pesistience.

We are with Christ. So our persistence is DIFFERENT than this.

This is a prime example of capitalism at its best.

In Christ we are working with a different goal in mind, always.

Keep in mind and in everything you do, the principles of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

For this world is ripe for the ways of Christ (Alaska Airlines and Chick-Fil-A are Christian Companies and there are others).

If you want to keep your wealth AND you sanity, stick with Christ, not these salesmen.

I learned much from Amos (the chocolate chip company fiasco) people like Mrs. Fields and Tom, the toothpaste company.

Mrs. Fields and Tom sold their companies when people like this came. <this so-called Founder.>

How many people are actually interested in saving folk?

As Christians, that is our number one goal.

Be prepared! for demons like this to visit, for success in anyway they do not profit, gets up their ire.

How do you prepare? Number One: Get close with Christ regularly! For we will need the Holy Spirits guidance in all things and the nearer we are to success in any way, the more we will need the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Supported and guided by Christ in this way, you will know when to fold (The Gambler by Kenny Rogers (know when to hold em, know when to walk away and know when to run!).

Christ guarantees dominion, when we walk with Him.

Amd what looks like a failure, never is in Christ.

Romans 8:12 will be a corporation and so will the others.

Produce and build SO MUCH that the devoid cannot keep up!

While the devoid is busy eating its young.

We will be producing children with dominion mindsets.

An Attitude Adjustment is commencing! 🙂

For we will have the key to Everlasting Creativity while the others dry up and wither away, unable to stand against the Angel Armies that we stand with.

It is time.

Grow hearts disciples of Christ, grow in the Holy Spirit…Imagine walking with the confidence that Christ will have dominion wherever you go and it will be so.

When our focus is on Christ and not the devoid.

For i use to fear what ‘they’ would say, the numbers they would bring…no longer because the Holy Spirit is building me up.

Nothing will stand against the Stronghold of Elohim, for we are obligated to shepherd, be stewards of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

Practice standing for Christ right where you are! Increase your marriage to Christ (make it better, improve it).

And understand not everyone will be saved, not everyone is chosen, and even then, few chosen actually succeed.

I’m learning to greet people who do not greet back, i’m learning when NOT to do that! When not to be concerned with it,.

I believe and so i choose to be one of the ones who succeeds…if we all aim for that, we will not have time for anything else and we will be free!

Its been over 20 years in the making, the roots of this tree…tis why a demonic storm cannot uproot it…because its too late…the snowball in hell is on the move!

Pigs are lifting off <lol> and… (i cannot think of more euphemisms) 😀

It has begun.

Can you imagine how big a tree will be with a 20 year root system? How deep that goes?

Elohim will lift you up, when these ‘founders’ are killing themselves and each other, for nothing they do ‘works’ anymore.

Its a wonderful time to be alive!

For the fall of the devoid will become obvious as it gets bolder, like an animal cornered!

That will be us! (Disciples of Christ), in Yeshua’s holy name, amen! 😀 <cornering the devoid’s minions>

(Entreprenuers are more interested in the idea coming to fruituition than making money. An Entreprenuer LIVES for doing just that with another idea…and it goes on and on. Business people on the other hand have one or a few ideas and so they hold onto them with all their might…i would to if that is all i had.)


Things That Are Not True About Being A Founder

via Things That Are Not True About Being A Founder – The Skimm

skimm founder pic.PNG

we’ve gone from super-early stage founders to less-early stage founders, we’ve realized that we had SO many misconceptions about the lives of founders in this stage of a company. Read: that they had figured it out or had people to figure it out for them. And as we thought about how wrong we were, we realized how many things others misconstrue about us.

below are the biggest things that are not true about being a founder:

  1. You are the highest paid employee-RealityDepends on the stage, depends on the company. A lot of founders we know have had the opportunity to do this at larger fundraises and have noted that is when their ‘lifestyle’ started to change. We have not yet had or taken that opportunity, which makes it really fun when long lost family friends think we personally have made $8.5 million (what the Skimm raised as a Series B). Surprise: we have not!
  2. The pit in your stomach that you used to have when talking to your old bosses goes away when you’re the boss-Reality: It’s even worse now. At any moment we go from an incredible high of everything’s exciting and has momentum to literally breaking out into a sweat when we get an email or text from an employee that says ‘hey can I talk to you for 10 min alone?’ We immediately think they are somewhere between A. Quitting B. Reporting some sort of awful harassment.
  3. You stop being involved in the day-to-day-Reality: when we interview candidates and they say they are ‘surprised’ we still seem so involved, a small part of us dies, the other part of us slaps them in our head. We have no idea in what universe founders at this stage can stop being involved in the day-to-day of growing a company. We live and breathe the Skimm allllllll day long, just as much if not more than we did day 1 on our couch, but with higher stakes. Read: We have mouths (employees) to feed.


(For i am technically a ‘Founder’ of Job 22:25…and all i did is laugh, when i read the assumptions of people who know of ONLY multi-million dollar ‘Founders’ AFTER they GOT THERE! Remember how Mickey D Inc ‘Founder’ started? as a door-to-door salesman, with people who DIDN’T take him seriously…i learned from that movie-FIND OTHERS WITH THE SAME DRIVE AS YOU, who see a good thing and will run with it, instead of changing it…

To find other STRONG believers in Christ, who believe in applying the principle of Christ to ‘business’ and that being wealthy ISN’T evil (just EXTREMELY temptatious).

The Lord Yeshua has a plan, how to utilize EVERY penny…:-D The-Man-With-The-Plan! 😀

Wealth comes with TREMENDOUS responsibility.

Who is willing? In the name of He Who Saves? 😀 (Hallelujah!) Job2225


Japan’s Softbank wants to invest $10 billion in Uber, but only if it gets a big discount

japanese uber author

via Japan’s Softbank wants to invest $10 billion in Uber, but only if it gets a big discount – Business Insider

Softbank is in talks with Uber about a massive $10 billion investment in the company, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday.  (today is Friday 9/15/17 Central Time, USA)

Uber was last valued at $69 billion. But according to the WSJ report, Softbank is trying to convince shareholder to agree to an auction process that would price Uber shares at a discount and value the company at $50 billion.

Softbank declined to comment to Business Insider.  Uber did not immediately return requests for comment.

The tumultuous management changes have been accompanied by bitter infighting among different factions of company insiders and investors. Benchmark Capital, one of Uber’s largest investors, sued Kalanick in August, alleging that the Uber cofounder fraudulently obtain control of three company board seats. The lawsuit provoked a bizarre declaration of war from another high-profile Uber investor, who vowed to strike back at the “unholy alliance” of “sanctimonious hypocrites.”  (makes me working now on Charter bylaws for my ministries even MORE important! Getting a lawyers help!)

A deal with Softbank would mark Khosrowshahi’s first major action since taking the reins. Negotiations began before Khosrowshahi was hired and could conclude as early as next week the WSJ reported citing an anonymous source.

Read the full WSJ story here.


Fannie-Freddie Reform Won’t Happen Until 2018, Mnuchin Says

via Fannie-Freddie Reform Won’t Happen Until 2018, Mnuchin Says – Bloomberg

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said plans for overhauling Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac won’t be addressed until next year,

Analysts said that the shares also rose because of a recently passed resolution by the Republican National Committee, which said the claims of private Fannie and Freddie investors should be resolved “in a manner that honors and respects the rule of law governing the rights of corporate stockowners.”

Hedge Funds

Hedge funds and other investors who own Fannie and Freddie shares have fought for years to secure a portion of the companies’ profits, which now all flow to the U.S. Treasury. Firms including Fairholme Funds Inc., Paulson & Co. and Perry Capital have sued the government or funded lobbying campaigns in an attempt to change the policy.

The government took control of Fannie and Freddie in 2008, eventually injecting them with more than $187 billion during the financial crisis. The terms of the bailout originally called for a 10 percent dividend, but in 2012 the government changed them to sweep nearly all of the profits when they made one. The companies have since paid the government more than $270 billion in dividends.

The 2012 change also required Fannie and Freddie to wind down their capital buffers until they reached zero dollars next year. Shareholders sued after the change, though the courts that have ruled so far have largely dismissed their claims.

The Democratic lawmakers’ Wednesday letter focused narrowly on allowing Fannie and Freddie to retain a capital buffer. Six members of the Senate Banking Committee said that Watt, who oversees the companies as FHFA director, and Mnuchin should let them stop paying all of their profits to the Treasury in order to build capital.

Further Reforms

The lawmakers wrote that they didn’t believe Fannie and Freddie should be released from conservatorship without further reforms. Still, some shareholders see rebuilding capital as a necessary first step to the companies exiting government control.

So far, few GOP lawmakers have expressed public support for preserving Fannie and Freddie in their current state,

FHFA officials have said they wouldn’t support releasing the companies from conservatorship without legislation even if Trump wanted to do that.

— With assistance by Felice Maranz, Agnel Philip, and Saleha Mohsin