At&t Evil?

To make myself clear: Formerly known as Soutwestern Bell, SBC, At&t Wireless, now AT&T…

Is evil- to its customers!


Because they are known for not being clear about their prices!

At&t is known for ‘hidden fees’ and other loopholes, that ‘get’ the consumer to pay more.

At&t is famous for offering prices, that undercut the competition (really too-good-to-be-true offers), only to raise the price higher than anyone else, when the ‘terms’ expire!

Most people do not bother to read their cell phone contract, let alone keep it after a year, 2 years or so.

At&t is known to take advantage of that, by raising the price-most people complain too late (2nd payment, etc), or don’t quibble – for the price increase is not-all-that-bad.


Another phenomenon in business, is the automatic-pay game:

“Well, you already paid for it.” given when a complaint is issued, like already paying, makes one in agreement!

If you are on automatic payments, payment does not denote agreement , if the next one has not passed yet! (depending on frequency, one may still have options: ASAP, scratch that, the-sooner-the-better or TSTB :-D, after the first ‘change’!)

Many may not notice their automatic payment change until too late, or do not want hastle-hence ease of payments.

Yet everytime we allow even the smallest increase, without challenge, is like blood-in-the-water for the shark, the piranah, eating at your income.

Plus, one is being negligent with our expenses, when we ‘allow’ increases, dissatisfaction (customer service wise) to continue unfettered.

So when i saw the book, American Turnaround by Ed Whitacre: CEO of GMC & AT&T?

i almost didn’t buy the hardback, for $.50.

Yet i did want to know more about GMC and…

Knowing more about a company i never liked, AT&T…well that’s just gravy, isn’t it?

Research i tell ya.

Reading the book i just mentioned, has turned into, hmmm, “Why does no one else seem to care?” (about AT&T customer dissatisfaction?)

(Maybe i should check their BBB status again! (Better Business Bureau)

Reading this book by Ed Whitacre, has me seeing a few answers to the why:

  • Shareholders are very happy
  • Ed Whitacre is liked very much
  • Employees are getting paid well (?)
  • Jobs/Employment is being created & steadily maintained by At&t

These things take presidence over At&t’s treatment of its customers!

At&t is also known for ‘jackin-up’ prices and not delivering on quality, in comparison to the price.

At&t is also known for having ‘circumvented’ monoply triggers somehow, yet still benefitting from ‘partnerships’ with other phone companies and then using what At&t learned , during that time, against their former partner, if they still exist.

Cingular , much loved company, acquired by then Soutwestern Bell, became no more, stopped offering the things that held it apart from the others:

Rollover minutes.

Not how they are today, where 1 sec of use is rounded up to a minute or more.

I can hear Ed Whitacre now, what i imagine he said or would say in response, “That is why Cingular was losing $. Why i got rid of it.”

Is that also why Soutwestern Bell/At&t, didn’t honor Cingular’s contracts?

By then everyone knew of Cingular’s acquisition by At&t.

Many customers expected to be screwed royally.

And so groaned and moaned, maybe even complained to the company. Yet how many were persistent about it? How many still had their original contract?

i had the benefit of hearing a former Cingular customer (now At&t) conversation, from the Customer’s side.

Not word for word (At&t is well versed in the slick sale- a bunch of words that mean nothing, causing voluntary ‘deafness’ momentairly, in the consumer.), the jist is:

“…but that is not what the Cingular contract i have in my hand says.”

“Yes, ok.”

“…but…that…” (much said with a raised voice now, technical jargon & numbers (contract wording)

End of Cingular contract mentioned as defense by Customer.

More talking.

“Yes, but like i said, i have my contract.”

….more conversation.

“I have my contract right in front of me and i read it before i called you.” Customer says.

Years later, i remember how this person had to repeat, had to make it clear, had to emphasize, that they had their contract in front of them, from 2 years ago, before the At&t employee stopped arguing & acquiesced!

That Former Cingular customer recieved the rate in their contract, through this type of preserverance.

Many do not understand their contracts, well enough to argue their case.

To even know they have one.

Let alone, who is willing to go through that, to get what the contract says?

One needs a lawyer degree and an understanding of cell-phone-contract jargon?!

This customer had a victory, until the end of their contract.

2 years is the limit most cell phone contracts have.

i do know it was a short victory for that Customer, another year or 2 at the longest, anywhere from 1-6 months , at the shortest.

Which is another reason why many do not complain or pursue their ‘discomfort’- the contract will be over soon anyway- why quibble because the price was raised a little early?

Another case of, it-still-is-WHO-you-know in business & how much $ you-are-making-me, vs any allegations.

i refuse to do business this way.

i believe there are ways to #1 Not have public Shareholders (for they seem very problematic)

Avoid the pitfalls of my own board, removing me from the company (as was done to Amos.)


#1 Way to do that is to blindly trust the HS, in everything!

Asking why, arguing/rejecting the Holy Spirit’s guidance, delays & impeedes much.

To get past such impediments, requires experience of disobeying, or believing it was the Holy Spirit, when it was not!

This is part of fine tuning one’s Discernment.

One will not know what is and isn’t the Holy Spirit without getting it wrong sometimes!

These ‘mistakes’ happen less & less with practice of truly leaning on Him & not our own understanding.

In this way i must forgive myself as well!

So busy trying to be perfect, to chose correctly, to defend myself…

i am defending myself!

instead of allowing the Lord to do it!

For who enjoys embarrassment? Being wrong? Chosing incorrectly?

Discovering yet again, another weakness, that helped cause this ‘mistake’ in the first place.

He reminds me of why i began the journey towards Him in the first place!

I saw those who intentionally, purposefully, consciously, strove to accomplish evil and that i, in all my faults never intentionally, purposefully, consciously, strive to do evil on anyone…

Can do better than that!

I believe people should have the choice, to choose righteousness, honor, all things of Elohim, in every level of business!

The Lord is asking, “Who in business is willing to be My Isaiah?”

I stand up and say, “I am!”

“Who is willing to be My David against these Goliath’s?”

Who tarnish and villify in the name of business?

Who claim, this is just how it’s done?


This is the only way to make a return?

as an excuse for treating customers, employees, other businesses in a way Christ would not like?

The Anger of the Lord is nigh.

People forget His Anger.

Christ focused on Love, who He is first.

When He comes back, His Anger, His Retribution/Justification, will come with Him.

He is very angry.

Is an understatement.

i acknowledge that i cannot handle the Lord’s Anger.

To distinguish between His Pain and mine?

In other words, how i would respond verses His Response?

This is why we practice hard!

To let go of all vestiges of our own understanding/control.

To also learn to practice deeply verses hard. πŸ˜€

In this way we avoid the ‘traps’ set before us.

In this way Demonic Business/Economics does not prosper.

It’s end is already here.

Who is willing to grab hold of the opportunities provided by Elohim because of it? πŸ˜€

Who believes? Who wants help with their unbelief?

Same question, is asked, wherever life takes us.

There is nothing on this planet that cannot be claimed for Christ or removed through Him!

Those who narrow the perspective of Christ to certain things only.

If you cannot express the Bible in your own words, the way you regularly talk (some may rarely do this, so have forgotten), than the Law is NOT in your heart yet!

(keep trying!) πŸ˜€

Keep seeking beyond your pre-concieved thoughts (your understanding & or agreements) with the Guidance of the Holy Spirit…

Which creates much opposition from those not ‘there’ yet!

Be purified in the fires of the minority.

Many David’s vs Goliaths, go i.

May you do so as well, in Yeshua’s holy name, amen.


Federal Reserve Board issues enforcement actions with Hometown Bancshares

The Federal Reserve Board on Tuesday announced the execution of the enforcement actions listed below: Consent prohibition of Nathaniel Frazier, former Branch
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Birmingham, Alabama (Hometown Bankshares, incorporated in Missouri?)

Our Map: The Shape of a Cross

By Pastor Randy

In 2006 I went through a terrible, life-altering circumstance that left me wondering what I should do next.

I had accrued over $120,000 in hospital debt. I was in shock. I had no idea how I would get through it.

Anxious and uncertain, I knelt in my bedroom and prayed for direction and wisdom.

God’s wisdom prevailed as He first led me to Philippians 4:19 which says,

“And the same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.”

That day I (was) determined to walk in God’s wisdom.

I went to the hospital and talked to the administrator.

Divinely, that person forgave my debt and miraculously assisted me with my additional expenses.

Thank You Lord! For this…because i admit i grew cold, just thinking of going to the Administrator! (rage i figure, fear?)

Praying about it, then moving forward, on it, in it-key here is, this person had a directive, from the Holy Spirit, in that Bible Verse coming up.

Bear in mind, that it may not be a Bible verse for you, yet clearly it may be, a thought, an inspiration, that did not occur to you before.

i always assumed these things, these thoughts, inspirations, were coming from me, B.C.

Especially since i was losing coherent thought (only noticed in the past year or 2, the Holy Spirit shows me, a lot longer than that), and my preliminary study of the Gifts (Craftmanship mainly, in the Bible)…

Has led me to understand that not only i, humanity itself (especially Western Society), believes our thoughts, our inspiration, comes from our own selves, only!

My mind, my intelligence, the quickness of it, my memory, failed, and kept failing.

i finally started to acknowledge something was going on, that i knew not.

i spoke, “Lord, only You know what is going on, i do not. i need Your help, You are the only one who can help me, who can heal me.”

i imagined touching His face, while i said it too.

Not intentional imagination, not anymore.

i believe because i use to purposely imagine touching Yeshua, that it happens naturally now, almost as much as i would with a person, physically in front of me. (Almost)

i say this because one of my major love languages is touch.

During disciple training, i did a speech, pointing out how Elohim, Yeshua, does all 5 Love Languages.

He is our Father. My Mother, My Husband, My Best Friend…my Everything.

(Learn to make this so true! In your heart, in your spirit, from shouting to a whisper & back again, for love cannot hide itself.) πŸ˜€

And He loves even those who hate Him. He will make your enemies bow down, to Him, make them do what He wants, when it comes to those He dearly loves.

We become such a close, intimate, lover, when we spend close, intimate time with Him! πŸ˜€

He is Our Provider, Our Shepherd, ie: Husband.

For males as well as females.

All of humanity is searching for Him, and the majority know it not.

i asked to be completely satisfied in the Lord.

i asked Him!

To be disatisfied, frustrated, depressed, felt like dishonor.

i ask for help with my unbelief.

These things are worth more than gold & silver, a car, a house, a spouse, friends, children even.

My health, my frame of mind, my peace is dependent on My Everything. β€πŸ’—

Elohim. 😍


The Holy Spirit.πŸ’˜

Our everything. πŸ’•

i am paying attention to where He isn’t my Everything.

i am noticing how much fear occupied my life.

It is scary & i wonder how i lived so long, without Him.

Then i remember i didn’t, i wasn’t living, i was surviving!

And that lifeboat was sinking!

Never occurred to me to be so bold after praying. Not like this.

So i am praying for help in this area.

For i desire feeedom!

After a couple of years of praying, fasting on Hallow’s Eve, against the Spirit of Fear (fear is the motivation behind all demonic activity, for in His Presence there is none.

Adam & Eve never experienced fear, until that day.

Eating from the tree of fear, we did, we do! (wow)

Choose a different tree! Different fruit!


A tree without fear. Fruit without fear in it!

Yeshua Provides! πŸ˜€

(gonna stop & delve into this revelation!)

In Yeshua’s holy name, amen! πŸ˜€

Apply for The Audacious Project | TED Blog

Calling all nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs: share your big, bold, unique ideas for global change. They could be selected for The Audacious Project, our new initiative.
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June 10th Deadline (for 2019?)


Walmart Strikes A $16 Billion Deal With Flipkart

Walmart announced that it’s signed an agreement to acquire a 77% stake in Indian e-commerce company Flipkart for $16 billion, though the deal is still subject to regulatory approval.

The agreement comes after a long courtship that reportedly stretches back as far as September 2016 when Walmart sought a minority stake in the company, but rumors of an investment popped up this February, with the size of the stake increasing as more reports came out, culminating in the 77% share.

By making this deal, Walmart has officially held off Amazon, which also reportedly made a push for Flipkart in order to take a stronger position in India.

Flipkart will be Walmart’s first big step into India’s e-commerce market once the deal closes, which is expected to happen later this year.

Business Insider Intelligence analyst Daniel Keyes has the full story.

Theranos Founder, Elizabeth Holmes, Charged with Massive Fraud, Looses Control of the Company

First of all, i complain about the headline including her name and all, unlike many men who have done fraudulent things with their so called ‘businesses’!

Secondly, i’m like what?

If it happened in 2015, why are we hearing about it now?

(i was in Disciple training then, sequestered away from the outside world)

Oh! Three years later Elizabeth Holmes is FINALLY being charged?

Is that it?

Yeah, and the fact that a Trump cabinet member got suckered into this, is also prime timing!

What did Elizabeth Holmes do wrong?

Well i would say NOT having them (investors) sign paperwork that stated their investment as ‘exploration ‘ of this ‘possible’ tech!

A case of counting ones eggs before the basket!

Lack of tech understanding on Theanos’s part.

Lack of scientific understanding as well.

Along with stupid investors!

Meaning; y’all jumped on this like the Roulette Table at the Casino!

Gambling! Based on rumors and advertising!

There is a HUGE difference between an educated guess (gamble) and some random wishing & hoping!

Beware of anything that sounds ‘good’ in so called business or financial manners!

I can see some ways in how this ‘fraud’ happened:

  • going by personal previous reputation RUMORS (gossip)
  • going by scientific/health/medical gossip
  • going by who is spreading the gossip
  • being greedy
  • acting like business/financial matters are like the lottery
  • falling for the, “Act now! Before it is too late!” BS!

this is not even a business mentality!

These are NOT Entrepreneurs!

The ones who thought they were investing in an Entrepreneur?


Did supporting a ‘grass-roots’ female entrepreneur ever come up as a selling point?

Referencing other female ground floor breaking type stuff that was ‘missed’ out on?

This is falling victim to your own press!

Society creates this ‘kind of sale’ mentality (the ones that smile at everything, like they are totally ‘on’ something , the ones that ‘stroked you’ just right?)

That smooth sale environment, it hit all the right spots verbally, superficially, while the rest was assumed!

Because they ‘sounded’ & ‘felt’…right? Like the others?

A case of being lazy!

This is what Rich Dad, Poor Dad Author tried to explain to everyone!

(Tis why i read like 3 (or almost 3) of his books, and that was too much for me! (stop after the second one please!)

If ya didn’t get what he was saying after the 2nd book…

For the other books were not necessary! (Even though i want the board game, for deprogramming repetition!)

Then he did seminars, “live” & ‘exclusive’, etc!

All unnecessary, yet ‘familar’ right?

“I’m going to the one in Toronto!” (just an example of how we get caught up in ‘business fraud’.)

Cause my question is, how come this kind of stuff happens all the time and yet she didn’t get away with it, like so many others?

Reputation, is what i figure.

Need deep litigation pockets for this!

Elizabeth Holmes obviously didn’t have ‘favor’ like she thought she did.

Many ‘copy’ what they see others do, without truly ‘covering their behinds!

When it comes to finances?

Always be aware of possible fallout!

And prepare for that contingency.

Prepare psychological and/or financially!

When i see stuff like this, i always think: ‘That’s what ya’ll get for not investing in people like me!’ πŸ™‚

Trying to capitalize on large returns, by taking an un-educated risk!

Following rumor and conjecture, brokers do this!

The hot tip!

I prefer blue chips!

Not already established blue chips, but what do ‘blue chip’ businesses look like? Smell like? And taste like BEFORE everyone knows that it is a blue chip?

When it comes to tech?

Tech in an of itself, is more volitile than the Stock Market itself.

For what is blue chip today…tomorrow, quite literally will be no longer in use!

Take for instance (and who qualifies as ‘everyone’ anyway? Who are the ‘important’ people to me? (instead of who i am told they are?) 3D printing…

Could put sewing machines out of business!

Fabric companies! Textiles, etc!

Think about it!

3D printing, depending on materials used, puts almost ‘everything’ we do on its head!

Forming food out of ‘thin air’ for instance, would significally affect/effect everything surrounding how we get and eat our food!

From farmers, to restaurants (all those cooking shows and chefs, no longer needed!) to grocery stores!

Stores period!

Why bother when you could order whatever from a machine like we do with atms?

Imagine this so cost effective everyone has a ‘replicator’ like we have tv’s?

And the tech for that is a touchable conjecture, sort of…

Even though the molecular 3D printer (replicator) may not be useable ‘domestically’ for awhile yet,

I’ve already seen for sale machines that’ll mix certain drinks for you!

The lime, the liquor and the olive!

(Shaken, not stirred) πŸ™‚

Putting bartenders out of work, closing down many a bar too.

Where will ‘those people’ hang out then?

The dives, in other words?

Like smoking. (poor smokers)

Where will the poor or blue collar alcoholic hang out then?

More residential i imagine.

A significant change in culture, for sure!

As a woman, Elizabeth Holmes should’ve ‘known’ better!

For we know as women, we gotta work harder to get less! (lol) Just to ‘get in’ and ‘stay in’!

We getting lazy! Forgetful!

The Martha Steward’s of the world!

Taking for granted that you are the one of ‘the few’, we see ‘up there’.

That one female surrounded by a bunch of dudes, thing.

Sometimes now it’s two or three.

Not realizing that you are still and will always be a good scapegoat to keep around.

Plus! We will keep a lookout for how Elizabeth Holmes will be treated after conviction!

If i am going to be misaligned for everything i do by someone?

Then it will happen with me being 100 right now and turning that up as time goes on!

I’ll be lied upon regardless, might as well not sacrifice my personal integrity, my own principles in the process.

Others may try to impose their ‘principles’ on me…help me refuse such Lord, in Yeshua’s holy name!


Stick to your relationship with Christ!

Others may try to impose on you ‘their’ version of that…yet we do not make a wrong choice truly seeking the Lord!

Faith is required here,

Things unseen, requiring steadfast belief, even when everyone else around you isn’t, you will be, in Yeshua’s holy name!

Using my faith! Is what that is called!

Its more than a prayer and a wish!

Proper spirit and knowing The Word,

An educated and experienced ‘risk’ in Yeshua’s holy name!

Requires experience! Meaning requires you to step out on faith and fall on your face sometimes!

(ie: trusting the wrong people, fornication, etc)

Experiences require mistakes! Painful, oh yes! Prep though!

For what i ‘experienced’ as a child, a youngin’, for ‘middle age is near’, was prep for society pressure!

i realize more and more, how being an ’emotional’ orphan, primed me to have Yeshua, the Christ, take me ‘in’, under His wing, His protection, His guidance.

Prep to follow Him regardless if every other single person, isn’t!

For to do that on a smaller scale: family, neighborhood, school, city, then state.

Now beyond country go i, in Yeshua’s holy name, amen! πŸ˜€


Banks Switching to Chip Technology

Business Insider

The way incumbent banks verify the identities of their customers online is inconvenient and insecure, resulting in lowered customer satisfaction and loyalty, and security breaches leading to compensation payouts and legal costs.

It’s a lose-lose situation, as consumers become disgruntled and banks lose business. The problem stems from the very strict verification standards and high noncompliance fines that banks are subject to, which have led them to prioritize stringency over user experience in verification.

At the same time, this approach doesn’t gain banks much, since the verification methods they use to remain compliant can actually end up compromising customers’ personal data.

But banks can’t afford to prioritize stringent verification at the cost of user experience anymore. Onboarding and verification standards are increasingly being set by more tech-savvy players within and outside their industry, like fintechs and e-retailers.

Job 22:25 Entrepreneur Ministry

(in a month or two my ‘chipless’ card will expire.

Leaving me with no other option but to get a chip ‘renewal’.

My bank isn’t good when it comes to individual problems and due to transportation & bank locations (locally & statewide) i stay with the company despite its ugly attitude.

i’ve already asked if i have to get a chip card as a replacement and the answer is yes.

The chip cards are NOT safer! More convenient for the consumer & the criminals!

i never considered that the banks were/are being forced to upgrade!

To me, much like the multi-billion dollar tv networks, ‘updating’ into modern tech from wealthy dinosaurs means lack of investment in actually making the tech work!

This is why banks totally (well almost totally) online are more & more tempting.

Even looking at ‘financial institutions’ not known as ‘banks’ yet are getting closer to that opportunity everyday!

(ie: Franklin Mint, Mint, etc)

Business Insider may even be angling that way!

Imagine a corporation so big and intricate, it takes billions to run everyday.

Then imagine that company being hit with severe enough losses to make daily operations difficult.

Banks are big like that.

A drop in service, anywhere, means death to the entire business.

Mainly due to reputation.

For the larger your customer base, things like 1% could mean billions of dollars.

‘Houses’ NOT built on rock. (Matthew 7:26-27)

Meaning that there are ways to ‘lessen’ such vulnerability, yet it would require slimming down, not being ‘competitive’.

Hence another topic of conversation: Competition.

I want my business as i am in life.

There ain’t no competition but me.

Another reason why my business wouldn’t look good on paper.

Because competition DOESN’T motivate me.

So using that as a selling point?

Improvisation based on morality?

is NOT a ‘good’ business model!

Investors desiring ‘competitive’ returns, can kiss my behind!

i do not want that mentality anywhere near me!

Meaning anywhere near my business(es).

That dog-eat-dog mentality?

Dog meet Elohim, is the business ‘regiment’ i desire, the ‘culture’ i want.

i do not desire my ‘Christian Values’ explained away with, “This is business.”

That is bs!


It’s not over, when Christ is in it!

New policy, new conduct.

Deprogramming if you will.

Industry standard?

Yeshua’s standards!

Viable and profitable, financially as well!

This i am out to prove, in Yeshua’s holy name.

We will cross that ‘bridge’ when we come to it.

For i don’t even desire these ministries to ‘sound’ the same as everyone else.

Yet i struggle with ‘language’ common to understanding?

What ‘wording’ would help achieve this?

i find myself repulsed at that motivation!

Off track, it is.

(tis easy to do without policy)

The more i am involved in business, the more i see the need to ‘rewrite’ policy!

In other words, policy that addresses the ‘unspoken’ habits of ‘humanity’!


Do i desire people who need that?

No, yet i need to make that policy too.


This is why, one step at a time!

Clarification will come!

Will come once it’s built, not before.

For much isn’t seen until after its applied!

Tis why i am grateful the Lord ‘works things out’ for me ‘in process’.

In the actual doing of the thing, whatever it is.

In this case business policy the way the Holy Spirit wants it done!

How He wants it written!

Not my ‘interpretation’ of what He could want!

To know what He wants in every circumstance?

Writing business policy is the ‘bible’ of your business for everyone!

People inside and outside the ‘business’.

A great example is look at how the Bible is used today, how it is considered by those in and outside of Christ.

Weighty & overwhelming for me.

To even ‘consider’ the implications!

To see The Bible as ‘goals’!

instead of life & death.

This is what i’m afraid of.

People using my business bible (policy), like people ‘use’ the bible today!

For once written, it is treated as law!

This is why i leave the writing of ‘policy’ up to the Holy Spirit!

For conduct, long-after-i-pass-away, ‘policy’, manifesto, is what i speak of here.

Elohim given policy amongst a evil-eat-wicked world (they are demon dogs, hellhounds! Dog eat dog.)

i desire my business bible to be as effective as The Bible itself!

Both legally and subjectively!

In Yeshua’s holy name, amen!

(Whew! No pressure! Lol!) πŸ˜€

found this trying to understand what ‘incumbent banks onboard’ meant:

Tech giants are coming for incumbent banks

so true!

Tis why Netflix is beating TV networks!

Those more savvy in tech have a tremendous advantage over those already fat and lazy before the internet was invented!

Netflix is now an incumbent! Maintaining that today is difficult!

So easily changed!

(This is also why being too popular is problematic! Like Andy Mineo says,” Everybody wants to be on top, i don’t think (they) know what that means! Everyone gunnin’ for your spot.” (the song, Never Land– the way up is down! Exactly the point of this article!

Leave the ‘ways & mindset’ of this world behind!

The devoid’s motivations.

In Yeshua’s holy name, amen!)