The Laziest Solution Possible

Whenever there is a hard job to be done I assign it to a lazy man. He is sure to find an easy way of doing it.

-Walter Chrysler

lazy garfield


This article had me laughing so hard!

I haven’t dealt much with those labeled sloths though. (Except once, in a personal relationship, a year or more ago)

So, I imagine it was easier for me to laugh at this…It’s an interesting perspective for sure!

(Reading the first reply, i would call that person selfish…extremely so, not lazy)

To me someone had to stand up for those called lazy, in this hyper-active adhd kind of world! (& deeply ocd too!) 🙂

For everything MUST be just so! A particular way…

This article is a different way, worthy of a read…if only to help yourself deal with such ‘lazy’ people! 🙂


4 Keys to Having More Freedom in Your Business

The more team members understand why your company does tasks, the more freedom you will have.

We need to slow our lifestyle expenses down and leave room for retained earnings. Setting a paycheck that is attainable even in slow periods will insure freedom.

Keeping freedom of choice and freedom of time prioritized above large paychecks will lead to greater finances in the long run. Make sure to keep personal debt low or non-existent, and that will aid you in your quest for freedom.  

often the solution that we come to is to prioritize the small, meaningless tasks that feel urgent.
It sounds strange, but to gain freedom, we need to be disciplined. Lack of discipline in any of these areas will lead to a lack of freedom sooner or later. True freedom happens through choosing a temporary lack of freedom today for more tomorrow. Choose now, or have the choice taken from you through consequence.
(Sounds familiar eh? 🙂 For this IS what Christ does, when we obey Him (and that obedience is 1 Corinthians 13:4-8)(we gain MORE freedom by giving up what WE want, for what Christ wants…HOW He wants us to conduct ourselves and in HIS timing (patience is LEARNED, the more we Trust the Holy Spirit/Elohim/Yeshua (Jesus) to control us, instead of us ‘handling it ourselves’.

Silence: It’s One Simple Thing That Will Spark Your Creativity

So, like any muscle, if we are always focused on information input, it becomes even more difficult to force your brain to produce any output.

In other words, it turns out that an idle and wandering mind, once thought to be a detrimental characteristic of the unfocused, is actually one of the traits we need to encourage of one another. (ADHD…)

Science continues to find benefits for people who devote themselves to periodic silence. The challenge these days, however, is re-teaching ourselves how to disconnect completely, especially when we know our LinkedIn app icon just received a new notification.

. Abandon the phone.

Even if you will not admit it, you are probably addicted to your phone. The average American spends 12 hours per day consuming media, so even if you are slightly below average, you are still on your phone most of the time. For this exercise, put your phone in your car, outside or in the mailbox — anywhere where the urge to check it is overcome by the fact that you have to put on shoes to go get it. Just get it out of your space for five minutes. (Find yourself panicking? Well during the times I ACTUALLY FORGOT my phone! I learned to get over it, I did not have to Instagram everything (even though I haven’t used Instagram…it’s becoming a word for me like Google it…meaning pic & post, blog, etc all in one…someone us rolling their eyes! 🙂 yet some STILL do not understand…It is an addiction…utilizing it for Christ helped me notice when I was spending more time posting (ministry), whole not actually spending a lot of time with Christ for myself…a recipe for disaster)