Qualcomm & Broadcom

Who is Qualcomm?


Semiconductors – Qualcomm designs various ARM architecture-based CDMA, UMTS and LTE modem chipsets and SoC products under the Snapdragon brand. These chipsets are sold to mobile phone manufacturers such as Kyocera, HTC, Motorola Mobility, Sharp, Sanyo, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Sony, Xiaomi and Samsung for integration into cell phones.

Although a “fabless” semiconductor company, meaning Qualcomm does not engage in the actual manufacturing process, the chips the firm has designed are powering a significant number of handsets and devices worldwide, both in CDMA and UMTS markets.

MediaFLO – Qualcomm is the inventor of the MediaFLO system, based upon OFDM, which transmits 12-15 television channels within 6 MHz of spectrum. Qualcomm has standardized the lower layers of this design in TIA, and manufactures chips and software to add this television capability to cellphones.

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Qualcomm GobiQualcomm Gobi is a mobile broadband chipset used mainly for cellular data networking and it is also now used in a few enterprise smart phones (e.g. Motorola ES400).

It currently is a 3G technology capable up to HSPA on GSM and EV-DO Rev. A on CDMA carriers.

The Gobi chipset is a microprocessor that can load a specific carrier image so that the device appears to be specifically designed for that carrier’s network.

Since GSM and CDMA are quite different, and since Gobi devices can switch between them both using the same silicon, their solution is considered to be innovative.

Gobi Technology is best suited for large enterprise customers where a single mobile operator cannot serve all of their wireless modem needs since there is not one carrier that provides the same level of service in all the places they need that service.

The Gobi solution allows the IT department to roll out a single module on their laptop builds which can be configured to behave exactly like a device that is locked to the carrier that they want to use in that area.

In the United States exactly the same hardware can be used on the CDMA network or the GSM network of their choice.

For GSM users that travel out of the United States the Gobi solution can be used to avoid international roaming charges by switching the SIM and the device’s carrier image to a local provider instead of incurring the roaming charges. In both scenarios the customer must have different wireless accounts with each provider they wish to use natively.

It typically takes 20 seconds for the device to load the carrier image into NVRAM and reset and come back online.

Gobi 3000 is the next hardware revision of the Gobi platform and it natively supports HSPA+. The model for Gobi 3000 is different. It is a reference design the OEMs can license and produce their own Gobi 3000 compliant modules with their own extensions. Qualcomm does not sell any Gobi 3000 silicon. The reference design allows the same boilerplate hardware and software components for the basis of OEM chips which allow the OEMs to focus on innovations on the mobile broadband platform rather than getting bogged down with low-level RF implementations. Currently, Gobi platforms supported LTE natively.

Qualcomm re-branded its Gobi modem products under the SnapdragonX-series branding in December 2014.

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Operating system – BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) is a proprietary cell phone application platform. BREW is designed so that the platform rejects unsigned applications. In order to have an application signed, a developer must pay a testing fee to National Software Testing Laboratories (NSTL), which then can approve or deny the request.

This allows carriers to maintain control over the applications that run on their customers’ phones. BitPim is a popular open source program which can access the embedded filesystem on phones using Qualcomm MSMs via a cable or Bluetooth.

It should be pointed out that signing systems are also used in Apple iOS, Java ME, and signing is often required by carriers and OEMs.

(Point being: Qualcomm is doing very well as a company.) Now,

Who (in the hell) is Broadcom?


Broadcom Corporation was an American fabless semiconductor company that made products for the wireless and broadband communication industry. It was acquired by Avago Technologies in 2016 and currently operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of the merged entity called Broadcom Limited. The division is headquartered in Irvine, California.

(Okay, then…)

Who (the *uck) is Broadcom Limited? Or should i ask Avago Technologies?

Broadcom Limited (formerly Avago Technologies) is an American designer, developer and global supplier of products based on analog and digital semiconductor technologies within four primary markets: wired infrastructure, wireless communications, enterprise storage and industrial & others.

(Ok! Whew! Don’t have to inquire into two more places! This should do it!)


Tan Hock Eng is the company’s president and CEO. The company is incorporated in Singapore, and is co-headquartered in San Jose, California (administrative) and in Singapore (corporative).

Avago took the Broadcom part of the Broadcom Corporation name after acquiring it in January 2016.

(That alone should be a security problem, in fact, i’d be checking whatever a foreign country has a ‘hold’ of in the USA.

(See America has been doing this type of stuff to other countries for a very long time!

Like the Titanic or the ‘Great White Hope’, the USA was so greedy elsewhere, our corporations have vacated the USA, leaving US wide open to ‘invasion’-

(one man’s trash is another man’s diamond field!)

So busy being greedy, foreign entities have been buying the USA lock stock and barrel!

Suadi’s owning ports!

Japanese owning Yellowstone Park! (Smart move that!)

and China?

Since we ( the USA) are 4 billion to 11 trillion in debt to China (Singapore is Chinese territory by the way)

Then in reality who owns everything in the USA anyway?

Debt is slavery!

China owns US!

Betcha the Chinese dollar (whatever it’s called) is one of the best in the world!, because they own US!

At least the renminbi or yuan (Chinese dollar) is a hell of a lot stronger than the US dollar for sure!

If i wasn’t so scared of China actually ruling US (oh! Maybe that is why Trump turned to Moscow! Beat a Communist with another Communist! No one else but Russia could stand up to China! Cause the USA sure cannot!

Imagine war with China!$&@!


if i wasn’t afraid of being ruled by China (or Moscow) this would be funny as hell!

For like Malik El Shabbaz said! “Chickens coming home to roost!”

(notice how the USA has been changing into Communism lately anyway?

Big key factor, freedom of speech?

Lol! Yeah right!

Corporations stop that from happening!

Presidents too, Obama included.and who owns everything? (Besides China?)

One, two, maybe three corporations!

There are your political parties right there!

Can’t hardly tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican these days…Tada!

This is why!

We got rich Democrats too now! 🙂

Who are protecting themselves, not the majority, who are not rich!

i have a dream!

That one day,

There will be a corporation for the people by the people! 🙂

in Yeshua’s holy name, amen! 😀


Psychological Effects/Affects of Slavery (Generational Trauma)

There are many today who are living off of/from slavery ‘benefits’ today.

Unable to vote, unable to own land, lynching is still happening today in the good ole USA, unable to copyright, trademark, etc.

Today whatever we produce is ‘copied’ (stolen) by someone else without ‘society’ really caring.

Modern day slavery…

Never forgetting those who work for the rich (house keepers?), whose passports are withheld from them.

Prostitution is slavery, who chooses it? Who DOESN’T want out?

Abuse in the name of ‘keeping your job’, legal abuse? Stuff that takes a long time to prove.

Many of us are too traumatized to stand up to ridicule talking about it.

We, as a race, have ‘shell shock’, PTSD, generational PTSD and getting help for it?

Health care is dangerous in the wrong hands.

Full of closed minds and atheists anyway…

Jews forcibly converted to Christianity (to save their lives), many of them brought their hatred into the ‘Christian’ way of life.

We too were ‘forced’ into ‘Christianity’ (to save our lives) and bring the ‘Slavemasters Christianity’ to the church.

For we could not dance, enjoy ourselves in no way whatsoever, for decades.

Puritan Christianity

what other civilization burned people alive?

Had parties watching it?

Made us watch it?

Smell it?

Cut off our feet? Our hands?

Today we deal with purses clutched tighter, when we make more money than you do.

Cry rape, any abuse, by a Caucasian female?

Automatically believed.

Many in jail, lives ruined, dead for that right now, in the USA

We live in fear.

So much fear, so traumatized we’d rather pretend, deny (save our own neck)

We call those people Uncle Tom’s.


There are very few of us who speak about it anyway.

Regardless of opposition.

Denial from society at large & from our own ‘people’.

May the Lord help me to continue the fight for freedom, in every way possible, in Yeshua’s holy name, amen.

There are many others receiving the effects/affects of this Slavery Culture, who didn’t believe until it happened to them.

There are those suffering from this who do it to others, to receive less abuse/discrimination themselves…

Otherwise you are known as a ‘N*gger lover’ and treated the same as we are.

This Lioness has a blog. 😀

The hunter (poacher) doesn’t like to hear it and tries to ‘bury’ ‘it’ (this issue), tis why they want the ‘old’ USA back.

To silence us.

Genocide much?

We will not ‘win’ more freedom with violence.

Elohim is just waiting for us to stop ‘trying’ to free ourselves.

Let Elohim do it for us, He is ready, the time is now.

Get the Blood of the Lamb on your house quick!

For Passover will happen for those who love like 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

You were separate from Messiah, excluded from citizenship in Israel and foreigners to the covenants of the promise, without hope and without God in the world.  But now in Messiah Yeshua, you who once were far away have been brought near by the blood of Messiah.”  (Ephesians 2:12–13)

I know it hurts to hear/be reminded of any type of pain.

The more traumatic, the more defensive…

The more we are in slavery to it…bondage.

One for all.

Yeshua new that slavery like it happened here, in the USA (longer than anywhere else, more horrifying, longer than anybody else ever,), would happen.

Watch The Passion of Christ with new eyes.

Replacing Yeshua with every slave whose bodies were ripped open, burned, etc…

Even the slavemaster and his descendants are forgiven, if they are willing to accept their role in any form of bondage today…

Ask that your ancestors be forgiven, your family, generational curses are real.

Ours is over…

Now Elohim’s retribution will only ‘pass you over’ if you admit your part in this.

Unintentional or not.

Pray about unawareness.

Lord, anything i am unaware of, have been blind to, blocked, etc, please help release me from this bondage with Your love, mercy & grace. For i desire freedom for all in Your holy name, Yeshua, amen.

You want freedom? Want to keep it?

Ask for it in Your heart, for the Lord hears our spirit. Hallelujah. Words not needed.

Intent (spirit) is everything.

Whole Food Problem NOT Amazon!


Hayley Peterson

Senior Correspondent

Adrienne Elias said that she and her husband had for years been loyal to Whole Foods but that in the past year she had noticed constant out-of-stocks, poorly stocked shelves, and “limp, brown, soggy” produce.

“We found ourselves thrilled at the news that Amazon was assuming ownership, hoping that they would be able to fix the problems, a lot of which we believed to be the result of very incompetent staff,” she told Business Insider. “We thought that perhaps it would simply take more time.”

“Last week, after a totally frustrating shopping experience, we decided that they could not fix it or, most likely, they did not want to fix it,” she said. “Regretfully, we will begin shopping elsewhere.”

(more by clicking the link above!)

(Lol! i do feel sorry for Whole Foods customers, but lol! i think Amazon DOESN’T want to help!)

The Laziest Solution Possible


Whenever there is a hard job to be done I assign it to a lazy man. He is sure to find an easy way of doing it.

-Walter Chrysler

lazy garfield


This article had me laughing so hard!

I haven’t dealt much with those labeled sloths though. (Except once, in a personal relationship, a year or more ago)

So, I imagine it was easier for me to laugh at this…It’s an interesting perspective for sure!

(Reading the first reply, i would call that person selfish…extremely so, not lazy)

To me someone had to stand up for those called lazy, in this hyper-active adhd kind of world! (& deeply ocd too!) 🙂

For everything MUST be just so! A particular way…

This article is a different way, worthy of a read…if only to help yourself deal with such ‘lazy’ people! 🙂

4 Keys to Having More Freedom in Your Business

The more team members understand why your company does tasks, the more freedom you will have.

We need to slow our lifestyle expenses down and leave room for retained earnings. Setting a paycheck that is attainable even in slow periods will insure freedom.

Keeping freedom of choice and freedom of time prioritized above large paychecks will lead to greater finances in the long run. Make sure to keep personal debt low or non-existent, and that will aid you in your quest for freedom.  

often the solution that we come to is to prioritize the small, meaningless tasks that feel urgent.
It sounds strange, but to gain freedom, we need to be disciplined. Lack of discipline in any of these areas will lead to a lack of freedom sooner or later. True freedom happens through choosing a temporary lack of freedom today for more tomorrow. Choose now, or have the choice taken from you through consequence.
(Sounds familiar eh? 🙂 For this IS what Christ does, when we obey Him (and that obedience is 1 Corinthians 13:4-8)(we gain MORE freedom by giving up what WE want, for what Christ wants…HOW He wants us to conduct ourselves and in HIS timing (patience is LEARNED, the more we Trust the Holy Spirit/Elohim/Yeshua (Jesus) to control us, instead of us ‘handling it ourselves’.