Bored Meeting!

LOL! Absolutely love this! πŸ˜€

Foundry Group

Who We Are

Foundry Group is a venture capital firm focused on making early-stage technology investments, participating in select early-growth rounds, and identifying and supporting the next generation of venture fund managers.

Our passion is working alongside entrepreneurs to give birth to new technologies and to build those technologies into industry-leading companies. We also seek to leverage our experience and relationships as fund managers to help new and existing venture firms create industry leading investment businesses.

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Will Elon Musk’s Candy Company Fail?

i say, “Go get them Elon!” πŸ™‚

For See’s thinking their untouchable, NO business is ever untouchable!

For i will purposefully cater to Elon’s candy vs See’s just to prove this point!

Entirely too big for their britches (fat cats) i would enjoy bringing down!

Hopefully Elon will go through with it! πŸ™‚ See it to the end, not lose interest in other words.

For this can be so much fun! πŸ™‚

Lets raid the castle! πŸ™‚

(the way Navy Seals would traverse that moat, is one good way!) πŸ™‚

i almost wish it was me instead! Make See’s regret such a casual guantlet! πŸ˜€

Walmart Strikes A $16 Billion Deal With Flipkart

Walmart announced that it’s signed an agreement to acquire a 77% stake in Indian e-commerce company Flipkart for $16 billion, though the deal is still subject to regulatory approval.

The agreement comes after a long courtship that reportedly stretches back as far as September 2016 when Walmart sought a minority stake in the company, but rumors of an investment popped up this February, with the size of the stake increasing as more reports came out, culminating in the 77% share.

By making this deal, Walmart has officially held off Amazon, which also reportedly made a push for Flipkart in order to take a stronger position in India.

Flipkart will be Walmart’s first big step into India’s e-commerce market once the deal closes, which is expected to happen later this year.

Business Insider Intelligence analyst Daniel Keyes has the full story.

Does Every Senior Leader On Your Team Have A Backup?

Assume aliens came down and one of your senior leaders was taken away to their home planet. Do they have a person reporting to them who could step into their role, even if it’s only temporary?

It’s remarkable to me, even in companies that are over 100 people, how the answer to this question is no.

(more at the site in link above)

Totally agree Feld Thoughts!

(and check this link out too!ΒΒ has cool stuff like: #FoundersFirst, Make Covenants Not Contracts)

This is one of the many things missing in the business world! We care more for machines (our tech) than we do a human being! (for we hard copy and digitally back up everything right? We need to! Electricity is not forever! Contingency plan folks! Viruses and all!)

So how important are the humans who run the business?

What would happen if they suddenly vanished? Died? Got too sick to work? Some other emergency?

I know that when someone close to me passes away, that affects me, there is Grief Relief in the workplace.

Set it up like the military, for business is a type of war folks.

Command structure, replacement troops, etc.

Rotate! Help prevent fatigue and stress! The number one cause of failure in the business world. Help prevent the addiction called workaholism! πŸ˜€

As Christians, this should be our goal, to bring the Rest and Peace of the Lord of the Sabbath to every part of our lives- work included.

There are too many, who are literally starving, physically and spiritually.

So i understand the desire to be the one. (only one)

It’s something i am bringing up more and more, how to actually Rest in the Lord.

It is amazing to me how many Christians don’t feel this!

How many of us are not using our faith in ever area of our lives!

Employed by atheists, obviously.

I think it is more like Capitalism, the Business world is run by atheists.

More like False Christians.

You own a company? Do you?

Want to run one? Start one?

One that actually protects and supports like Christ? A company like that? A business?

Would truly be competitive today.

For i say better customer service, better employee treatment, etc…in the view of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, do you actually ‘hear’ me? Do you see?

Or are you another with a dusty bible? A hardening heart? Under the curse of the lawless?


For many are literally dying! Physically and spiritually, from fatigue and stress!

Act like you care more about Christ than money for a change!

This is what i mean by we will be judged MORE for HOW we treat each other (ourselves) than anything else…by Christ.

It’s never ‘just business’!

Everything is a part of life and so Christ can and will be in it, in Yeshua’s holy name!

The more we (you) (i) listen and obey Christ in the smallest of things, the more we will experience all the attributes (the benefits) of Christ in the big things.

Just reading, listening, studying, focusing on the bible, changes everything!

The Word is phenomenal! Stop copying the world’s ways, by Breathing In Christ, breathe out all the things not of Him.


Feel the difference? πŸ˜€

i know i do.

(P.S.-Also, these very simple actions will cause a tremendous negative reaction from the devoid. It means what you are doing is/will be very effective! Be encouraged by this! Cry out to Yeshua for help! and leap! Fly Phoeni! Fly!) πŸ˜€

Sprint & T-Mobile Merging Is Bad

T-Mobile has been a shining example of what can happen when there is an incentive to stay competitive. The company nearly got acquired by AT&T in 2011, but when the deal fell through after being challenged by the Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission, T-Mobile started to change its approach.

(Yeah! i thought it did happen! Yeah! Cell phone companies suck , yet AT&T? is the worst!)

Merges are almost always a bad sign folks!

Because it means those businesses are in trouble (weak) & they need to strenghten themselves.

This is why you will hear more & more about mergers, as time goes on!

For things are really bad economically, when major companies merge.

When seemingly strong companies are being ‘forced’ to merge (ie: Qualcomm) you need to ask yourself why!

Poor Canadians? I betcha they get better stuff with/for their expense too!

Want to be ”passed-over”, during this crumbling of the United States?

One needs to ‘remove’ onself, your mind, your business, away from the way the devoid does business!

By putting Christ back in everything you are anywhere near!

In spirit & in thought.

We are spreading the Blood of the Lamb, on everything, when we do this!

These things will be protected! More importantly you will be! And hopefully, anyone & anything else you care about.

Saved, protected, doesn’t mean it/you will not die or it not be physically destroyed.

Saved & protected by Elohim, by Yeshua, by the Holy Spirit, means,

hell will not have you, you will be bubble wrapped!

Being truly saved means you have the Armour of the Holy Spirit! (Ephesians…10?).

The Belt of Truth, the Shoes of Peace, that Breastplate, will come in handy!

Our Shield will be extremely useful then, as it is now!

That Sword! πŸ˜€

And some of us are Superb Fighters, with the Armor of Elohim.

Some of us aren’t.

Realize that the Angel Armies, Yeshua’s Command, will be fighting for the Righteous!

We, the Righteous demand a Glorious Death! πŸ˜€

We want it! We crave it!

For each one of our deaths, empower the others in Yeshua’s holy name! Amen!

Some of us feel this way anyway, those of us who have been waiting for such an obvious spiritual fight. πŸ™‚

And so, there are Holy Spirit Warriors, who will, who do Stand for those less proficient in fighting utilizing the Holy Spirit, in right-use-ness.

Being attuned, one in Christ, helps us do this!

For far too many will flock to Christ at the last minute!

Those people will still be worthy, in Yeshua’s name.

For even just one, for there will be more than one, who even then rejects Christ, will be truly tragic.

Pray for those outside of your reach.

Like for the entirety of the United States.

The Kingdom of Elohim, rather Yeshua’s Kingdom, needs you to pray for others.

Those who have an abundance of faith?

Use your wealth of faith!

Hopefully we can help prevent the much deserved devastation of the United States, by Elohim, by the Holy Spirit, by Christ.


Who is willing to sacrifice their/your own skin/neck/life to save how many others?

For even just one, under circumstances like that? Coming to Christ because someone else dedicated/prayed themselves, to death in the name of Yeshua?

Lovely way to go! πŸ˜€

The battle has already been on, it is increasing though, for the devoid has been panicking and the illusions it has created to fool itself, to fool others & you…us?

Those things are failing now, my brothers and sisters.

Notice how you have less time?

Notice how others seem to handle it better than you?

There are many lambs caught up in The Matrix, the Illusion.

And only the ‘winds’ (coming devastation) will release them.

For i too, did not align myself with Christ, until there was nothing left.

Paul and other disciples (i believe) in Asia, were tested in this manner.

(devastation to make all of us despair)

For part of me cries at America’s down fall.

For sometimes the dream was “good”, the intentions were noble, sometimes, i hoped for the best, with this country.

Now i just pray for individuals in the cross fire, for the unaware to become aware, so they can be saved ‘ too.

i pray that i do not ‘lose’ Yeshua, in bitterness, grief , hardheartedness, to come.

that i do not ‘lose’ myself/You, Lord, Elohim, in what is coming.

That i stay with You, oh Lord, my Father.

For things getting rough, is/will be an understatement.

i’ve learned to pray for myself and others, in this way.

For it is too easy to believe we/i am safe & it will never happen to me.

When one is protected by the Holy Spirit, while others are in hell?

We are still devastated .

We can only move on, have a life, have joy, through the Mercy & Grace of the Lord.

For there are so many in pain Lord!

The Empath, The Merciful One, understands.

By the Grace of Elohim go i.

Spirit is everything.

Ones true intention, is in the spirit of it.

Spiritual Warriors unite!

For there are demonic ones to.

Those who defend them unknowingly.

Only Elohim knows. Only Yeshua knows. Only the Holy Spirit will tell us what to do, how and not, in situations like these.

It is not me who decides how.

It is not you either.

This is why we ‘practice’ now.

i desire to fight for/with Elohim, Yeshua, the Holy Spirit, even unaware!

Move me! Use me Lord!

A merger between T-Mobile (Teen Mobile) & Sprint?

Is very close to a snowball in hell.

Pigs flying.

Time to pray when you get a hint of things like this!

(i should’ve prayed when At&t, Verizon & Google met! )

Sprint has been hurting bad! Even their commercials got crazy, interesting how At&t didn’t even try? To get Sprint?

(for i am very aware i do not know everything!) πŸ˜€

if so, why?

i know Sprint reminds me of MCI…

Oh well! You can tell how much Sprint is/was suffering by how very little stock they own in this merger, Sprint would not just lay down and allow the ‘new’ company to be called T-Mobile, unless!

Like I’ve long suspected, dead-man-walking.

(ty to those who have been teaching ‘proper’ grammar , punctuation, lately-by having mercy on the rest of us!) πŸ˜€

(i was tutored by a Mathematics Professor once, i drove him to complete frustration! He changed though & told me why.

He said, once i understood ‘why’, i got it.

Too many…scratch that!

We are taught…(ok! scratch that too!)

We are TOLD the rules of things, like grammar, punctuation and spelling, we are never told why!)

Undersand that we are TOLD the ‘rules’ of business, we are not taught why!

Why such rules were made, how they came to be, freedom to change them, comes easier through understanding!

There are political, in other words, ‘socieital’, effects of anything/everything we do.

Understand the viewpoint of your ‘opposition’!

Do not go all ‘criminal minds’ on me!

For the show (& reality), proves that you become what you think!

The Holy Spirit protects us from that!


The KKK.

For me, opposition, a severe one.

i was MGT though, once.

So many years after that i saw similarities!

i began to wonder if someone entered the KKK the way i did the NOI!

Bearing in mind that the NOI do not kill people, there are many black people who would love to, very few who do.

(Gasp! Yes! in actuality very few black people kill other folk. Otherwise there wouldn’t be such a campaign for us to believe otherwise.

That includes gang members.

My illegal activity? Black Activism is illegal, not talking hate speech is illegal, as well.)

White folk obviously felt threatened and formed a group too.


So i see ALL of their groups differently now.

I can ‘see’ how i am viewed.

i understand the value of what I’m doing, better because of it!

The Holy Spirit shows me fearful humans, has me have compassion for that.

Doesnt mean i’m praying for any member of the KKK, Skinhead, Aryan Nation or some other white supremacist.

Just i ain’t hating like i use to.

At&t? Greedy, self-serving, deadly company?

my thoughts about them are transforming as i type this!

Hallelujah ! πŸ˜€

To move from fear, panic, anxiety, anger to…

Seeing glimmers of how Elohim will ‘work’ this?

i’d rather ‘eat’ of this, have this be my ‘work’, than all the money in the world!

For revelations like this are much sweeter than gold, yes, much fine gold! ;-D

The Land of Milk & Honey?

Be very careful in taking on labels that were exclusively for Elohim.

For the consequences are severe.

The longer such consequence does not come?

The mighter the retribution shall be!

in Yeshua’s holy name, amen.

Quote (Peter 8, 2018)y

β€œWhat would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

Robert H. Schuller

Very good question!

I would write a novel.

I would go on a journey/vacation somewhere, anywhere, NY, and Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Himalayas, Hawaii…

Fly an airplane :-). hang gliding, deep sea diving and walk in outer space!

Enter those Iron Man competitions.

Produce and sell a music album in all my favorite genres!

Library’s and Art Galleries genre specific.

Clothes line, shoe line, makeup, perfume line, etc.

(It is amazing how just the way it was said, set off a chain reaction of ideas! Hallelujah! πŸ˜€

Quotes, Lucille Ball

β€œIt’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.”

Lucille Ball

Β (for a lot of people do not know and many others THINK they know…Very few have verified what makes them happy, especially not including another person, happy.)
Whatever gives you joy, peace, calm, these are the things spoken of here. For those in the darkest depression ever? That which is a little less negative (dark) than the other…(seek the Way (John 14:6).