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First: I got this info from this Dipiazzo dude, in my email, cause I signed up for his lame stuff, in hopes of better connections.

Dipiazzo offers video on 3 questions I asked myself before I made 30k…

My first response is: “Who gives a *uck?”

I click on it just to see anyway…and I STOP listening after a minute or two…For the first question is: “Is someone else doing it?”

That in itself is a GREAT question! He proceeds to then recommend that one models their idea after a similar one.

On the other hand: I’m at someone else’s home AWAY from my computer- a person who sees no value in ‘those who are always on their phones.’

Always ‘playing’ on their phones.

To be STUCK in between two minds if thought…

Having made thousands, having written successful books, means absolutely nothing…

When next year your book is forgotten!

The cavalier attitude on both sides of the fence, sickens me.

A person with very thick fingers, has MUCH trouble utilizing today’s tech.

I tire of hearing just one side or the other.

Whichever side-tech/non tech…

Understand that BOTH are badly needed.

It’s like revenge of the nerds, for devices to be utilized by the slender fingered folk (thank Elohim for styluses, right?) 🙂

I get grief because I’m NOT techy enough, middle class, economically poor…also what I do is disregarded, laughed at…

I’m here as one of the first of the poor, who didn’t have access to a computer, the net in 89′.

This is why I know this can be done-easier even for the popular…

Revenge of someone who cares about more than herself and who wants to save the world! 😀

(A very TALL feat!)

With Yeshua, we can literally do ANYTHING! For He tells us…

Told me, showing me how to utilize the talents He has given me.

Ty Yeshua!

The Story 

There’s a famous story that talks about Pablo Picasso’s surprising response to an admirer. She approached him in a cafe and said, “Mr. Picasso, would you draw something for me?”
He smiled, grabbed her napkin and drew a quick, beautiful sketch in less than a minute. He gave it to her and said, “That will be $5,000.”

The woman was shocked!

“But you only spent a minute drawing this. It’s hardly worth $5,000!”

To this, Picasso said: “It may have only taken me a minute to draw this for you — but it took me a lifetime to become a master.”

My Thoughts:

When I finally left my 9-5 and started my first business, I opened up an SAT test prep company. My rates where HIGH! In many cases, over $100/hour.

Lots of people on the outside thought this was crazy.

How could I get away with charging so much?

Two reasons:

1. If you’re an expert in a subject area, you’re not just charging for the time it takes you to complete something — you’re charging for all the time you had to spend mastering your craft. Your client gets the benefit of working with someone who has cut down 99% of the learning curve for them. That’s taken time and they are paying for that time you’ve invested…not just the time you spend with them.

2. Clients are paying for results. If you can get the results, your rates are directly tied to that. In my case, if people gave me pushback on my rates, I’d always remind them that while they might think “tutoring” wasn’t worth $100/hr, their kid getting into Yale certainly was. That always seemed to snap them back to reality.

Just some food for thought today.

The quickest way to speed to the top of your field (and make the most money) is to become an expert. And the quickest way to become an expert is to start your journey now.

Right now.

By Daniel DiPiazza