“You Can Be Direct Without Being Rude and You Can Be Assertive Without Being Disagreeable.”


staying mired in worst-case thinking is probably too high a price to pay just to avoid the small chance that one day I’ll be blindsided by something. So it’s a bad habit, and I’d like to get out of it.

people end up less happy – both at work and in the rest of life – because they hesitate to speak up about what’s important to them.

you actually can speak up about things that are bothering you at work

What I’ve tried to do in the new book is to walk people through exactly what those conversations can look like,

book, (by Alison Green)-Ask a Manager: How to Navigate Clueless Colleagues, Lunch-Stealing Bosses, and the Rest of Your Life at Work


10 Traits of Highly Creative Achievers

8. Fickle.

Because creative achievers are open to new experiences they tend to be divergent people. They are non-conformists, are impulsive, demonstrate low levels of agreeableness and can also be low in frustration tolerance.

They are often misperceived as aloof or unreachable, but they simply tend to be fickle and extremely independent in their thinking and approach to life and business.

Highly creative achievers are not fickle to be annoying.

Their minds are constantly in overdrive, and for this reason they change their minds quite often while in, deeply engaged, in the creative process.

10 Traits of Highly Creative Achievers

9. Eccentric.

Creative achievers are akin to mad scientists. In reality they are creative geniuses.

They are unique, emotionally intense and passionate which allows them to fully immerse themselves, and even lose themselves for a time, in their work where they lose track of time and space.

They make use of repetition knowing that the more times they experience a unique trigger in association a particular emotion the stronger that association becomes.

Ultimately all aspects of creativity are disorganized and difficult for outsiders to comprehend.

Creativity is associated with an openness to experience, inspiration, hyperactivity, impulsivity, rebelliousness, critical thinking, precision and conscientiousness all working together in tandem. It is this perfect storm of contradicting traits mixing at once which makes these achievers seem eccentric.

10 Traits of Highly Creative Achievers

7. Work independently.

Creative achievers are deeply connected with their authentic nature and ambitions, which inevitably leads to their independence, growth, happiness and wholeness.

They do not avoid challenges or struggles, as they see struggle as the very thing required for their growth. They do not walk paths which lead to weakness, conformity or regret.

Creative achievers work independently and quietly, allowing their success to do the talking.

In the pursuit of their personal freedom, these people independently discover their destiny.


10 Traits of Highly Creative Achievers

6. Disregard rules.

Creative achievers live with the belief that if they follow the crowd they will get lost in it. Their actions will be criticized and more people will try to bring them down then build them up, but they will continue to be fearless in their pursuits.

Highly creative achievers know that what they have to offer this world is not self-serving, but rather what they offer is in service of the higher good. For this reason they embrace the times in life which call for the rules to be broken.

When they find themselves getting comfortable, they consciously disrupt routine and violate status quo. At some point in every creative achievers career they must break rules, as this is the only way for the next levels of their innovation to be born.

Silence: It’s One Simple Thing That Will Spark Your Creativity


So, like any muscle, if we are always focused on information input, it becomes even more difficult to force your brain to produce any output.

In other words, it turns out that an idle and wandering mind, once thought to be a detrimental characteristic of the unfocused, is actually one of the traits we need to encourage of one another. (ADHD…)

Science continues to find benefits for people who devote themselves to periodic silence. The challenge these days, however, is re-teaching ourselves how to disconnect completely, especially when we know our LinkedIn app icon just received a new notification.

. Abandon the phone.

Even if you will not admit it, you are probably addicted to your phone. The average American spends 12 hours per day consuming media, so even if you are slightly below average, you are still on your phone most of the time. For this exercise, put your phone in your car, outside or in the mailbox — anywhere where the urge to check it is overcome by the fact that you have to put on shoes to go get it. Just get it out of your space for five minutes. (Find yourself panicking? Well during the times I ACTUALLY FORGOT my phone! I learned to get over it, I did not have to Instagram everything (even though I haven’t used Instagram…it’s becoming a word for me like Google it…meaning pic & post, blog, etc all in one…someone us rolling their eyes! 🙂 yet some STILL do not understand…It is an addiction…utilizing it for Christ helped me notice when I was spending more time posting (ministry), whole not actually spending a lot of time with Christ for myself…a recipe for disaster)