Anchor Point Foundation

The Anchor Point Foundation supports a broad range of efforts by individuals and organizations who are working to improve their communities in the following areas: arts, education, entrepreneurship, environment and conservation, health and human services, international development, progressive public policy and social justice, and women and girls.

The Anchor Point Foundation was founded by the husband and wife team Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor.

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Bored Meeting!

LOL! Absolutely love this! 😀

Foundry Group

Who We Are

Foundry Group is a venture capital firm focused on making early-stage technology investments, participating in select early-growth rounds, and identifying and supporting the next generation of venture fund managers.

Our passion is working alongside entrepreneurs to give birth to new technologies and to build those technologies into industry-leading companies. We also seek to leverage our experience and relationships as fund managers to help new and existing venture firms create industry leading investment businesses.

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Theranos Founder, Elizabeth Holmes, Charged with Massive Fraud, Looses Control of the Company

First of all, i complain about the headline including her name and all, unlike many men who have done fraudulent things with their so called ‘businesses’!

Secondly, i’m like what?

If it happened in 2015, why are we hearing about it now?

(i was in Disciple training then, sequestered away from the outside world)

Oh! Three years later Elizabeth Holmes is FINALLY being charged?

Is that it?

Yeah, and the fact that a Trump cabinet member got suckered into this, is also prime timing!

What did Elizabeth Holmes do wrong?

Well i would say NOT having them (investors) sign paperwork that stated their investment as ‘exploration ‘ of this ‘possible’ tech!

A case of counting ones eggs before the basket!

Lack of tech understanding on Theanos’s part.

Lack of scientific understanding as well.

Along with stupid investors!

Meaning; y’all jumped on this like the Roulette Table at the Casino!

Gambling! Based on rumors and advertising!

There is a HUGE difference between an educated guess (gamble) and some random wishing & hoping!

Beware of anything that sounds ‘good’ in so called business or financial manners!

I can see some ways in how this ‘fraud’ happened:

  • going by personal previous reputation RUMORS (gossip)
  • going by scientific/health/medical gossip
  • going by who is spreading the gossip
  • being greedy
  • acting like business/financial matters are like the lottery
  • falling for the, “Act now! Before it is too late!” BS!

this is not even a business mentality!

These are NOT Entrepreneurs!

The ones who thought they were investing in an Entrepreneur?


Did supporting a ‘grass-roots’ female entrepreneur ever come up as a selling point?

Referencing other female ground floor breaking type stuff that was ‘missed’ out on?

This is falling victim to your own press!

Society creates this ‘kind of sale’ mentality (the ones that smile at everything, like they are totally ‘on’ something , the ones that ‘stroked you’ just right?)

That smooth sale environment, it hit all the right spots verbally, superficially, while the rest was assumed!

Because they ‘sounded’ & ‘felt’…right? Like the others?

A case of being lazy!

This is what Rich Dad, Poor Dad Author tried to explain to everyone!

(Tis why i read like 3 (or almost 3) of his books, and that was too much for me! (stop after the second one please!)

If ya didn’t get what he was saying after the 2nd book…

For the other books were not necessary! (Even though i want the board game, for deprogramming repetition!)

Then he did seminars, “live” & ‘exclusive’, etc!

All unnecessary, yet ‘familar’ right?

“I’m going to the one in Toronto!” (just an example of how we get caught up in ‘business fraud’.)

Cause my question is, how come this kind of stuff happens all the time and yet she didn’t get away with it, like so many others?

Reputation, is what i figure.

Need deep litigation pockets for this!

Elizabeth Holmes obviously didn’t have ‘favor’ like she thought she did.

Many ‘copy’ what they see others do, without truly ‘covering their behinds!

When it comes to finances?

Always be aware of possible fallout!

And prepare for that contingency.

Prepare psychological and/or financially!

When i see stuff like this, i always think: ‘That’s what ya’ll get for not investing in people like me!’ 🙂

Trying to capitalize on large returns, by taking an un-educated risk!

Following rumor and conjecture, brokers do this!

The hot tip!

I prefer blue chips!

Not already established blue chips, but what do ‘blue chip’ businesses look like? Smell like? And taste like BEFORE everyone knows that it is a blue chip?

When it comes to tech?

Tech in an of itself, is more volitile than the Stock Market itself.

For what is blue chip today…tomorrow, quite literally will be no longer in use!

Take for instance (and who qualifies as ‘everyone’ anyway? Who are the ‘important’ people to me? (instead of who i am told they are?) 3D printing…

Could put sewing machines out of business!

Fabric companies! Textiles, etc!

Think about it!

3D printing, depending on materials used, puts almost ‘everything’ we do on its head!

Forming food out of ‘thin air’ for instance, would significally affect/effect everything surrounding how we get and eat our food!

From farmers, to restaurants (all those cooking shows and chefs, no longer needed!) to grocery stores!

Stores period!

Why bother when you could order whatever from a machine like we do with atms?

Imagine this so cost effective everyone has a ‘replicator’ like we have tv’s?

And the tech for that is a touchable conjecture, sort of…

Even though the molecular 3D printer (replicator) may not be useable ‘domestically’ for awhile yet,

I’ve already seen for sale machines that’ll mix certain drinks for you!

The lime, the liquor and the olive!

(Shaken, not stirred) 🙂

Putting bartenders out of work, closing down many a bar too.

Where will ‘those people’ hang out then?

The dives, in other words?

Like smoking. (poor smokers)

Where will the poor or blue collar alcoholic hang out then?

More residential i imagine.

A significant change in culture, for sure!

As a woman, Elizabeth Holmes should’ve ‘known’ better!

For we know as women, we gotta work harder to get less! (lol) Just to ‘get in’ and ‘stay in’!

We getting lazy! Forgetful!

The Martha Steward’s of the world!

Taking for granted that you are the one of ‘the few’, we see ‘up there’.

That one female surrounded by a bunch of dudes, thing.

Sometimes now it’s two or three.

Not realizing that you are still and will always be a good scapegoat to keep around.

Plus! We will keep a lookout for how Elizabeth Holmes will be treated after conviction!

If i am going to be misaligned for everything i do by someone?

Then it will happen with me being 100 right now and turning that up as time goes on!

I’ll be lied upon regardless, might as well not sacrifice my personal integrity, my own principles in the process.

Others may try to impose their ‘principles’ on me…help me refuse such Lord, in Yeshua’s holy name!


Stick to your relationship with Christ!

Others may try to impose on you ‘their’ version of that…yet we do not make a wrong choice truly seeking the Lord!

Faith is required here,

Things unseen, requiring steadfast belief, even when everyone else around you isn’t, you will be, in Yeshua’s holy name!

Using my faith! Is what that is called!

Its more than a prayer and a wish!

Proper spirit and knowing The Word,

An educated and experienced ‘risk’ in Yeshua’s holy name!

Requires experience! Meaning requires you to step out on faith and fall on your face sometimes!

(ie: trusting the wrong people, fornication, etc)

Experiences require mistakes! Painful, oh yes! Prep though!

For what i ‘experienced’ as a child, a youngin’, for ‘middle age is near’, was prep for society pressure!

i realize more and more, how being an ’emotional’ orphan, primed me to have Yeshua, the Christ, take me ‘in’, under His wing, His protection, His guidance.

Prep to follow Him regardless if every other single person, isn’t!

For to do that on a smaller scale: family, neighborhood, school, city, then state.

Now beyond country go i, in Yeshua’s holy name, amen! 😀


10 Traits of Highly Creative Achievers

4. Lead with their heart.

Highly creative achievers tend to be anti-establishment.

They view bureaucracy as something which stunts their creativity and serves only to dictate and limit their behavior, their full expression and their potential to have a significant impact in the world.

They are often considered non-starters because they will not go by a rule, as they prefer to lead from their heart and not their head.

They are more interested in people than status, and choose to work in ways that serve the larger whole rather than only serving to empower of the establishment itself.

10 Traits of Highly Creative Achievers

8. Fickle.

Because creative achievers are open to new experiences they tend to be divergent people. They are non-conformists, are impulsive, demonstrate low levels of agreeableness and can also be low in frustration tolerance.

They are often misperceived as aloof or unreachable, but they simply tend to be fickle and extremely independent in their thinking and approach to life and business.

Highly creative achievers are not fickle to be annoying.

Their minds are constantly in overdrive, and for this reason they change their minds quite often while in, deeply engaged, in the creative process.

10 Traits of Highly Creative Achievers

9. Eccentric.

Creative achievers are akin to mad scientists. In reality they are creative geniuses.

They are unique, emotionally intense and passionate which allows them to fully immerse themselves, and even lose themselves for a time, in their work where they lose track of time and space.

They make use of repetition knowing that the more times they experience a unique trigger in association a particular emotion the stronger that association becomes.

Ultimately all aspects of creativity are disorganized and difficult for outsiders to comprehend.

Creativity is associated with an openness to experience, inspiration, hyperactivity, impulsivity, rebelliousness, critical thinking, precision and conscientiousness all working together in tandem. It is this perfect storm of contradicting traits mixing at once which makes these achievers seem eccentric.

10 Traits of Highly Creative Achievers

7. Work independently.

Creative achievers are deeply connected with their authentic nature and ambitions, which inevitably leads to their independence, growth, happiness and wholeness.

They do not avoid challenges or struggles, as they see struggle as the very thing required for their growth. They do not walk paths which lead to weakness, conformity or regret.

Creative achievers work independently and quietly, allowing their success to do the talking.

In the pursuit of their personal freedom, these people independently discover their destiny.